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Aerdenhout Perm. Reg’d

As published in Canadian Dogs Annual

Aerdenhout Perm. Reg’d, Janine Starink. At Aerdenhout we only breed ONE breed. We breed for health, temperament and type! All generations of parents are tested for hips, thyroid, and eyes. Make sure the breeder you decide on does the same. ASK FOR PROOF! It is very important you only buy from a breeder who tells you exactly how the breed is, not what they thinmk you want to hear to make a sale. Giants are a dominant breed and do not belong in all families, and it is important to know if one belongs in yours. Aerdenhout has produced many of the top Giants and in 2015 one of our Giants made Canadian history becoming #1 All Breeds! But in the end the most important thing is that we remain true to the breed standard and that you get the right breed and the right dog for your family, and we like to think we can help you make it so. (604) 729-7797; janine.starink@me.com

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