Australian Kelpie


Australian Kelpie Breed Description

Appearance: 17-23” (43-58 cm) 26-45 lb (11-20kg) Short-coated either black, red, blue, fawn or cream, in solid or with tan markings, with or without minimal white markings.


A tireless dog “who would rather work than eat”, the Australian Kelpie requires an environment that challenges his intelligence, agility and stamina. He will thrive at Agility, Disc Dog and Flyball, and his eagerness to please qualifies him for obedience work. As long as he is properly socialized around children, he is a calm and friendly pet at home.


Few breeds can trace their ancestry as directly as the Australian Kelpie. Brutus and Jenny were two black and tan Smooth Collies brought to Australia from Scotland in the 1870s. One of their pups was bred to a clever, female Australian dog named Kelpie (Gaelic for “water sprite”). One of this litter was the image of her mother and christened Kelpie II. In 1872, Kelpie II outperformed her competitors at New South Wales’ first sheepdog trial. Thereafter, the famous dog’s offspring became known as Kelpie’s pups. Today, Australian Kelpies herd sheep with uncanny instinct, but the breed is equally skilled at working cattle.

Australian Kelpie Breeders:

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