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acupressure for new dog

Acupressure for your new dog

Miles looked so pathetic in his cage at the shelter that Sandy just had to take him home. The 11-year-old dachshund’s coat was a powdery...

acupressure for active dogs

Acupressure for Active Dogs

Active dogs are happy dogs – they’re doing what comes naturally to them. When dogs get plenty of exercise, they’re physically healthy...

acupressure for seizures in dogs

How acupressure can help with seizures in dogs

It was late in the evening and time to get ready for bed. Spencer, our six-year old greyhound, trooped out to the backyard with our three...

acupressure for Cushings disease in dogs

Acupressure for Cushings In Dogs

“Titan seems to be getting old right before my eyes,” says Katrina. “He’s turning ten and just a year ago he was still his feisty...

how to help your dog when you move

Making your move easy on your dog

Going through a move can be stressful. Even if you’re looking forward to the change of scene, it involves a huge amount of hassle and...

holiday treats for dogs

Acupressure to soothe digestive upsets

Like their wolf ancestors, domesticated canines are designed to devour huge quantities at once. The only issue is that roast chickens and...

active dogs and acupressure

Acupressure for active dogs

The average dog is an active, high energy animal that welcomes every opportunity he can get to go outside and run, play and roughhouse. It...