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Posts by: Erin Mayo, DVM, CVA

yeast infection

Treating your dog’s yeast infection

When I think of yeast infections in dogs, I get a mental picture of an itchy pooch with a red rash or smelly ears. It’s an all too common...


L-Carnitine for your animal

You might be familiar with L-carnitine as a supplement popular among bodybuilders. But did you know it can also be useful for your...


IMHA in dogs

Something was wrong with Gracie. It started with subtle signs – she didn’t have her usual pep when on walks, her appetite was off, and...

TCM for animals

TCM as treatment for your dog

Misha was diagnosed with a flea allergy. His person, Karen, didn’t want him taking drugs, so she turned to an integrative veterinarian...

treating hot spots in dogs

Treating hot spots in dogs

Many dog lovers will tell you how annoying hot spots can be. These skin irritations start with some innocent licking or scratching, but if...

caring for your canine athlete

Caring for your canine athlete

Any athlete can tell you the importance of muscle health when it comes to optimizing performance. The same applies to dogs. Whether your...