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Posts by: Emily Watson

keep indoor air clean for your dog

7 ways to keep indoor air clean – for you and your dog!

Thanks to Environment Canada, most of us know to keep our dogs indoors on “bad air” days. But is your indoor air also affecting his...

Paws En Route

Paws en Route – the transportation experts for pets

In August 2016, Dacia Rohlehr was faced with a dilemma all pet parents fear. Her dog, Liam, was very sick, and needed to be transported...

pet food recalls

Pet Food Recalls

It’s been ten years since the huge pet food recall that sickened thousands of dogs and cats. How has pet food safety improved – or not...

cloning your dog

How much do you know about cloning your dog?

Curious about cloning? This once-controversial process is becoming increasingly commonplace. Most pet parents agree that dogs’...

reasons to switch your dogs protein

Top reasons to rotate your dog’s protein

As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life. When it comes to your dog’s diet, variety can also prove a healthier choice for a...

cannabis for pets

Pot for pets

It’s no secret that dogs share many of the same health problems as people, including anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy, and even dementia....