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step by step training tips for your dog

Step-by-step training tips

Bringing a new puppy home to join your family is an exciting time. A time full of laughter and fun. A time full of expectations and plans....

dog park

Dog park etiquette

There are unwritten rules that apply in all dog parks. For the sake of all users, it’s your responsibility to find out the rules at...

dog sports

Dog sports

Dog sports and activities like agility, flyball, rally, musical freestyle, and disc dog are some of the fastest growing passions among...

creating the perfect puppy plan

How to create the perfect puppy plan

It is one of the most exciting times anyone can imagine – the day your pup arrives home. However, it may prove frustrating and...

train your puppy

6 things every puppy should know

Congratulations – you’ve welcomed a new puppy into your home! Now it’s time to train him… Are you ready to shape your...