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Posts by: W. Jean Dodds, DVM

canine joints

Help for aching joints

Diet, supplements, and other therapies work together to reduce the pain and inflammation of aching joints. Like people, dogs often develop...

vaccines for your dog

Which vaccines are necessary for your dog?

We’ve known about the risks of over-vaccination for awhile now, though many veterinarians, trainers, boarding kennel operators and others...

antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial Resistance In Dogs

It’s getting a lot of media attention these days. From news articles to health websites, the issue of antibiotic resistance is causing a...

diseases that can spread from dogs to people

Common diseases that can spread from dogs to people

Many of us assume that because dogs and people are different species, diseases can’t spread from one to the other. But the fact is, about...

autoimmunity in dogs

Autoimmunity in dogs

Autoimmune diseases are increasingly prevalent and have genetic and environmental triggers. Here’s what you should be aware of. If...


The relationship between dog genes & diet

Wholesome high-quality food can help keep your dog healthy by enhancing his immune system and reducing the risk of disease. But did you...


Looking at titres in dogs

Testing titres for a particular infectious agent measures the presence and level of antibodies in a dog’s blood. These antibodies...