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3 steps to off-leash training

Safety and reliable recall are the two most important factors when training your dog off-leash. Letting your dog off-leash is fun and...

training tips for dog parents

Top 8 training tips for dog parents

In my first book, The Dog Whisperer, I related the story of the psychiatrist wife and psychologist husband who called me for help because...

finding the right dog training class

Dog training class 101

  Enrolling in a dog training class? It’s important to find the right one for you and your dog! Enrolling in dog training...

understanding your dog's barking

Understanding your dog’s barking

Barking dogs in themselves are not the problem. The problem is when, where, and how long the dog barks. Dogs bark because Mother Nature...

tips for successful dog training

Top 10 tips for successful dog training

Successful training depends on your skills as well as your dog’s health, history, daily routine, diet, age, sleep and exercise patterns,...