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puppy advice from the experts

Puppy advice from the experts

Advice from a breeder – do your research! by Stephanie Horan So you want to buy a puppy – good for you! Nothing completes a household...

step by step training tips for your dog

Step-by-step training tips

Bringing a new puppy home to join your family is an exciting time. A time full of laughter and fun. A time full of expectations and plans....

bone problems in dogs

Preventing bone problems in young dogs

If you’ve adopted a puppy or young dog that’s still growing, you may be assuming you don’t need to worry about his bone health for...

housetraining your new puppy

Housetraining your dog

Before starting the housetraining process, it is important to realize that from the perspective of new puppies or untrained dogs, there is...

everything you need to know about puppy food

What you need to know about puppy food

Adopting a puppy is exciting. You want to do the best for your new friend, and that includes feeding him properly. This is important with...

building a bond with your dog

10 steps to building a bond with your dog

Whether you’re adopting a puppy or adult dog, establishing a healthy bond with him from the start will help ensure a meaningful...

picking the perfect puppy

Picking your perfect puppy

You’ve mulled it over and decided you’re ready – a puppy it is! So what comes next? How do you pick your perfect puppy? Investing...

naming your dog

Naming your dog

Naming your new dog is part of the excitement when he arrives home. Names are typically matched to a dog’s breed, ancestry and...

creating the perfect puppy plan

How to create the perfect puppy plan

It is one of the most exciting times anyone can imagine – the day your pup arrives home. However, it may prove frustrating and...

puppy shopping questions

Puppy shopping 101

You’ve made your lists and checked them twice; you’ve talked to owners, read magazines and watched TV shows, and now you’ve made the...

build a bond with your new puppy

10 ways to build a bond with your puppy

Establishing a healthy bond from the start will ensure a meaningful friendship that lasts a lifetime. Forging a healthy bond with a new...

train your puppy

6 things every puppy should know

Congratulations – you’ve welcomed a new puppy into your home! Now it’s time to train him… Are you ready to shape your...