Irish Red and White Setter


Irish Red and White Terrier Breed Description

Appearance: 22-26" (57-66 cm) 50-75 lb (22-34 kg) Long, straight, silky fine coat with feathering. White with solid red patches.


The Setter is a specialized bird-hunting dog that flushes prey then remains still so the hunter can shoot the birds without risk of shooting his dog. Irish Setters were developed in the early 1800s when gun-hunting became popular. The original breed was mostly red and white with the odd all-red dog born in a litter. As showing became popular, the all-red colour came into vogue, and the red and white dogs nearly became extinct. Irish hunters preferred working with red and white dogs because they were easily seen. Several breeders maintained Irish Red and White Setters, with a focus on working characteristics rather than colour. By 1940, a breed club was formed. Today, nearly all Irish Red and White Setters are steadily gaining popularity around the world.


The Irish Red and White Setter is a happy-go-lucky fellow, bursting with energy and joie de vivre. He loves the great outdoors, and his high-spirited nature makes him a fun and exciting dog to be around. He needs consistent training in short bursts suited to his short attention span, and opportunities to burn off his energy.

Irish Red and White Terrier Breeders:

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