Silky Terrier


Silky Terrier Breed Description

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This breed originated in Australia in the early 1800s, and is a mixture of the Australian and Yorkshire terrier, although the Dandie Dinmount, Skye and Cairn terriers may also figure in the Silky’s ancestry. Two separate standards initially resulted in two names – the Sydney Silky terrier and the Victorian Silky – but a single standard was adopted in 1959 and the breed became known as the Silky Terrier. Bred as a companion dog, he’s also skilled at killing vermin. He was brought to North America by WWII soldiers serving in Australia.


Because he was bred to be a household pet, the Silky Terrier is affectionate, playful and friendly, though he isn’t known as a lapdog. He’s intelligent, alert, curious and lively, can occasionally be mischievous and vocal, and may get into trouble if left on his own too long. The Silky is good with kids, but doesn’t like to be teased.

Silky Terrier Breeders:

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