When it comes to dog foods, there’s more to choose from than ever before – from canned and dry diets, to frozen raw and dehydrated or freeze-dried selections.

Take a look at these Canadian-made dog foods, and ensure you’re buying the best for your best friend.

Amore – MEGA morsels® are a high quality pet food made from human grade meat and fresh vegetables. Made in Canada in small batches, MEGA morsels® are free from hormones, steroids, antibiotics, byproducts, colours, flavours, and synthetic ingredients. Their proprietary dehydration technique preserves maximum nutritional integrity to ensure the best diet for dogs of all life stages. Available across Canada. “Benefits of raw, convenience of kibble.”

Bold Raw Pet Food

Bold Raw – Bold Raw and Mega Dog Raw were founded in 2009 with a goal of providing a low glycemic, affordable raw food diet that’s convenient to feed. They truly believe dogs and cats are family and deserve nothing but the best, and that’s why their products contain high quality human-grade ingredients from Canadian farmers.

Boréal – Boréal is a low-carb and low-glycemic food that aids with weight and diabetes management. Canadian-made from locally-sourced ingredients, Boréal is perfect for dog parents looking for high quality and affordable pet foods. Boréal has three lines of dry pet foods plus a line of Canadian-made wet foods.

Canada Raw – Canada Raw is a pet food manufacturer based in Markham, Ontario. They process only human-grade quality meats that are 100% safe for dogs. Over 40 years in the meat industry has equipped Canada Raw with the expertise and knowledge of various breeders and customers to create top quality raw dog food. Their pet food consists solely of human-grade meats with no added grains or fillers.

Champion Petfoods – Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Champion Petfoods specializes in biologically appropriate diets that mirror the quantity, freshness, and variety of meats that dogs and cats evolved to eat. Using only fresh, regional ingredients raised and harvested from nearby farmers, ranchers and fishermen, their food supplies nutrients in their freshest, most natural and nourishing form. Champion is dedicated to the highest standards of authenticity, nutritional integrity, and food safety. |

Crumps’ Naturals – Crumps’ Naturals believes your furry family member deserves to eat food that is made with farm-fresh ingredients and created with minimal processing. The Crumps’ brand encompasses an array of gently-dehydrated dog treats and food that contain no additives, colours, or preservatives and are made with North American-sourced ingredients.

Inukshuk Professional Dog Food – Inukshuk Professional Dog Food is proudly made in Canada by Corey Nutrition Company, a family-owned pet food manufacturer located in Fredericton, New Brunswick. It’s formulated for working dogs of any breed, kennel owners, breeders, mushers, K9 units, service dogs, and any owners who require performance nutrition.

Iron Will Raw – Iron Will Raw is dedicated to making a premium raw diet for dogs and cats. As pet owners, they understand the importance of properly nurturing your canine and feline companions. As the first HACCP Canada Certified manufacturer in Eastern Canada, Iron Will Raw’s products are sure to be safe and of the highest quality, providing a superior option that pet owners can feel confident in when choosing real food for their companions.

LifeFORCE – LifeFORCE is a handmade raw, complete, and natural diet that uses only the freshest meats and vegetables from Canadian sources. It is then dehydrated for feeding and storage convenience – LifeFORCE is shelf stable for up to two years! Tired of dealing with frozen raw meat? Just add water and LifeFORCE provides the healthiest nutritional option for dogs and cats with all the convenience of dry kibble. Requiring no refrigeration, LifeFORCE raw food is the perfect option for consumers with busy schedules. Safe, on-the- go health has never been more convenient!

Maples Pet Food

Maples Avenue – How much more Canadian can you get than having a pinch of Maple Syrup in your ingredient list? This Super Premium food ticks all of the nutritional boxes for a totally balanced quality diet that pets absolutely love. Maples Avenue is great for all life stages and packed with a full list of top quality Canadian grown protein sources, fruits, vegetables and vitamins.

Mountain Dog Food – Mountain Dog Food uses only fresh, raw ingredients with no synthetic preservatives. All their food is made using only 100% Canadian, locally sourced meats and is produced in their own HACCP-certified facility following human-grade manufacturing processes. Since the company launched in 1999, many satisfied customers have reported that their dogs have stronger, whiter teeth, a glossy rich coat, and overall vitality after switching to Mountain Dog Food.

Naturawls – Naturawls raw diet uses only locally sourced Canadian meat that is prepared with love and care in their own facility in Southwestern Ontario. Their meals follow an ancestral diet that features single-sourced proteins and limited ingredients. All their dinners follow a 70-10-10-10 ratio, and are in perfect easy -to-serve ½ lb or 1 lb portions.

NRG – More nutrition, more quality, more value! NRG Pet Products manufactures dehydrated pet foods at their facility in Armstrong, BC. Their food contains 100% edible, table-grade ingredients from North American farmers, locally-grown and harvested for five months of the year. They are proud to offer an organically-balanced food made with fresh fruits and vegetables, free-range meats, and wild-caught salmon, and absolutely no “off shore” or Asian ingredients. And it’s all non-GMO!

Open Farm – Founded in 2013, Open Farm is a family-run business focused on doing some good for pets, farm animals and the environment. Open Farm started with a desire to create a pet food that animal lovers could feel great about, both because it’s made with quality, nutritious ingredients that promote the health of pets, but also because it’s produced in a way that respects farm animal welfare while also having a positive impact on the environment. They produce grain-free dog and cat food recipes focused on a limited set of premium proteins, fruits, and veggies that are raised naturally, responsibly, and humanely.

Petcurean – Petcurean is a family-owned Canadian company that creates premium-quality pet food recipes – GO!, NOW FRESH, GATHER, and SPIKE TREATS – that meet the needs of dogs of all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ages. They use the highest quality, healthiest, and most flavourful ingredients available, selected from a trusted network of farmers, ranchers, and producers. At Petcurean, every decision and product is made with pets in mind.

Pets4Life – Pets4Life is Canada’s premium  gourmet raw diet for pets, available in easy-to –serve 1 oz medallions and mini-bites. They use only 100% Canadian raised or caught meat, fish, or poultry, and take pride in using fresh, local, Canadian ingredients. Their recipes are carefully formulated and analyzed by degreed Animal Nutritionists to exceed AAFCO requirements, creating complete and balanced gourmet nutrition your pets will love.

Spring Meadows – Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food was founded in 2004 with the goal of providing pet parents with the highest quality, raw ground, whole animal pet food. They pride themselves on sourcing ingredients locally, and rely on local farming partners who enable them to guarantee a quality product, offered at an affordable price. Spring Meadows’ fi ne grinding process ensures there are no large bone pieces, making their food small dog- and cat-friendly.

TLC Pet Food – Founded in 1994, TLC Pet Food remains committed to offering Canadian families and their pets premium quality pet food they can trust. TLC Whole Life Puppy and Dog Food are made using carefully-sourced, holistic, and biologically appropriate protein sources, including New Zealand Lamb, Farm Fresh Chicken, and Atlantic Salmon. TLC is sold exclusively online, made fresh, and delivered FREE to your door.


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