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4 On The Floor Dogs
Four on the Floor is Airdrie’s Premiere Canine Facility and provides everything your K-9 needs! With a highly skilled and passionate staff, ever changing enrichment environment, grooming facility and current cutting edge canine training classes, we strive to be your one stop shop for all your canine needs. So, come by for a visit and see for yourself why Four on the Floor is Airdrie’s Premier Canine Facility!
Contact: Rhonda Labas
Airdie, Alberta
(403) 945-8834
Happy Tails Dog Training
Our classes are designed and instructed by an experienced, certified dog behavior consultant, so you can trust that you will be getting the best behavior training to raise a happy, well-adjusted canine family member.
Contact: Cheryl Wittevrongel, CPDT-KA; CBCC-KA
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 208-5448
Pest 2 Pet, Inc.
Pest 2 Pet, Inc. Reanne Heuston. Ultimate Puppy and Foundations classes, the perfect start for performance dogs. Obedience Refinement and Off Leash Classes. Private lessons and workshops for behaviour modification for all pets (horses included). Custom workshops and classes on various pet related topics available for vet clinics, breeders, rescues and breed clubs.
(403) 669-2561
Dog Help
Karin Overgaard, Certified Master Trainer and Certified Pet Dog Trainer, offers over 20 years of experience and her passion for dogs. Her extensive knowledge and experience, and calm, patient and positive training provide effective training results.
Contact: Karin Overgaard, CPDT, CMT
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 993-5911
Dog Whisperer
Established in 1992, we have been very successful in creating happy dogs and happy owners. We pride ourselves in establishing a partnership between pet and owner that will last a lifetime. If you would like to start having fun with your dog again, please contact us soon for our next course date or to make an appointment for your private lesson.
Contact: Mary Ann Marcellus
Bowden, Alberta
(403) 556-3635
Konfident Kanines
Konfident Kanines does not dominate – We educate. Konfident Kanines adheres to a balanced training approach focused on establishing a reliable partnership between you and your dog that is founded on the building blocks of trust, respect confidence and loyalty.
Contact: Larry Neilson
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 651-7987
Edmonton Humane Society
The Edmonton Humane Society enriches the lives of people and companion animals through animal sheltering, programs and services, and community engagement.
Contact: Bilinda Wagner
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 491-3888
Kim Wells, CPDT-KA
Contact: Kim Wells, CPDT-KA
Airdie, Alberta
(403) 948-2125
Pet Adventures Dog Training
Contact: Sue Gingerich
Barrhead, Alberta
(780) 785-8866
Contact: Roseanna Gullekson
Bow Island, Alberta
(403) 584-3024
Carol Jasman
Contact: Carol Jasman
Brooks, Alberta
(403) 362-5959
All Round River
Contact: Lindsay Carnrite
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 813-4306
Calgary Humane
Contact: Barbara Walmer, CPDT
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 723-6019
Canine Health Centre
Contact: Birgit H. Hilsbos
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 516-8803
Canine Minds and Manners
Contact: Kirsten Rose
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 816-5629
Dawg Gone Good
Contact: Shanna Chynoweth
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 988-6768
Diamond In The Ruff Canada
Contact: Colleen McCarvill
Calgary, Alberta
(250) 503-5449
Dog Hiking Canada
Contact: Joyce Walkerdine
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 282-4510
Contact: Trudy Sattler
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 275-9744
Dogma Training
Contact: Megan Armstrong
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 452-5400
Dogz Dream
Contact: Sharlene Johnsgaard
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 249-5331
Le Woof
Contact: Laurent Beal
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 971-9255
Muttess O Calgary
Contact: Heather Trainor
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 249-7468
Nexus Dog Training
Contact: Colleen Herring
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 283-6127
Pawsitive Effects
Contact: Jamie Van Den Akker
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 864-1004
Plum Tuckered Pooch
Contact: Jennifer Fraser
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 293-7715
Sit Happens
Contact: Jill Dextrase
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 295-6337
Starbarks K9
Contact: Colleen Rowe
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 870-4011
Time To Paw
Contact: Paola Leano
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 923-1301
TLC Training
Contact: Sarah-Jane Petti, B.A.Sc, CPDT-KA
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 990-5853
Training Cats Dogs
Contact: Laurel White
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 836-7475
Training K-9s
Contact: Tracey Boucher
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 966-5998
Trudy Sattler
Contact: Trudy Sattler
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 275-9744
Vanessa Pells
Contact: Vanessa Pells
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 401-5512
Wag The Dog Training
Contact: Dana Martin
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 919-5924
Wiggles N Whiskers
Contact: Summer Posadas
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 926-3307
Pet Potential
Contact: Nicky Blackshaw
Chochrane, Alberta
(403) 807-0217
Cochrane Humane
Contact: Dawnita Gillman
Cochrane, Alberta
(403) 932-2072
Cochrane Humane Society
Contact: Tracy Keith
Cochrane, Alberta
(403) 932-2072
Hyper Hounds
Contact: Kimberley A. Boyes
DeWinton, Alberta
(403) 477-9118
Centred Canine
Contact: Sharan Gill
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 729-9247
Darlene Taylor
Contact: Darlene Taylor
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 915-0213
Dogg Made Corum
Contact: Marni Dlin
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 902-5223
Focus in Fido
Contact: Danielle Clark
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 263-1397
k9 Training
Contact: Rhonda Lemoine
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 718-2417
Soul 2 Soul Critters
Contact: Carol MacDonald
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 497-0723
T L Kennels
Contact: Sue Heraid
Elk Point, Alberta
(780) 724-2208
Klad Cockers
Contact: Kelly Ladouceur
Fort McMurray, Alberta
(780) 715-8010
Stubbs Obedience
Contact: Ryan Stubbs
Fort McMurray, Alberta
(780) 799-6408
Pawlished Pets
Contact: Darlie Krueger
Fox Creek, Alberta
(780) 622-3012
Canine Quest
Contact: Shannon Wallace
Grande Prairie, Alberta
(780) 538-1929
Calgary Dog Trainer
Contact: Nancy Johansen
Langdon, Alberta
(403) 861-1052
AM Dog Trailing And Corrections
Contact: Amelia Eggebrecht
Lethbridge, Alberta
(403) 634-5615
Carol E. Fowler
Contact: Carol E. Fowler
Lethbridge, Alberta
(403) 330-8627
Many Muddy Paws
Contact: Amanda Labadie
Lethbridge, Alberta
(403) 330-5370
Shadow Bar Shepherds
Contact: Judith L. Snowdon
Lundbreck, Alberta
(403) 563-0686
Bark Busters
Contact: Janna MacNaughton
Okotoks, Alberta
(403) 982-8530
Furry Logic
Contact: Yves C. Legare
Okotoks, Alberta
(403) 995-0342
Furry Logic
Contact: Liz Nishimura
Okotoks, Alberta
(403) 995-0342
Beagle Bandits
Contact: Bev Davies-Fraser
Red Deer, Alberta
(403) 343-3225
Natural Dog
Contact: Ivan Stewart
St. Albert, Alberta
(780) 569-5217
Mungo Books
Contact: Leigh Sutherland, CPDT-KA
Sutherland, Alberta
(403) 936-8536
D Tails Training
Contact: Nancy Howard
Sylvan Lake, Alberta
(403) 887-4569
Kristine M. Rooney
Contact: Kristine M. Rooney
Tofield, Alberta
(780) 662-3925
Keystone Training
Contact: Sheena Neil
Vermillion, Alberta
(780) 853-3421
British Columbia
Canine Conduct Training Solutions
Teaching the Human End of the Leash. Learn how to connect with your dog in a respectful, gentle way. Offering classes and private lessons from puppy-hood to senior dog; specializing in solutions for the reactive dog. Jane is the original ‘Black Creek Dog Trainer’.
Black Creek, British Columbia
(250) 898-3173
Go Dog Go! Dog Training
CPDT-KA accredited, professional dog training, puppy training, and complete dog behaviour services. Award winning trainer and author, Lynne Fedorick CPDT-KA, uses fear free, force free, science based dog training methods that make it easy to make bad dog behaviour disappear forever. Training your puppy or dog isn’t optional, but i should be a joy. Online and in-person dog training options available. Based in Black Creek, BC we serve Comox Valley, Campbell River and Central Alberta
Black Creek, British Columbia
(250) 792-3515
Fun Dogs Training
Our goal is to foster better communication between humans and their dogs in all their interactions. Understanding the needs and body language of our canine companions is a crucial skill for building trust-based bonding. When clear communication skills and empathy combine with the ability to read our dogs’ body language, we can truly marvel at the potential they’ll reveal to us.
Contact: Sabine Almstrom, CPDT-KA
Duncan, British Columbia
(867) 332-0326
Woof It Up Dog Training
The Edmonton Humane Society enriches the lives of people and companion animals through animal sheltering, programs and services, and community engagement.
Contact: Michelle Kumar
Langley, British Columbia
(604) 789-3778
Dog Wise
TRAINING WITH YOUR DOG IS FUN! We set up an environment for learning and success so….You can learn to be dogWISE. Learn Fun, Fast, Effective Training That Lasts A Lifetime! Recommended by Vets, Breeders & Clients because we’re Certified & Positive!
Contact: Heather Lawson, CPDT-KA, CTP-KA
North Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 986-9663
FidoFit Canine Fitness & Training
Get your dog fit and healthy with a personalized conditioning program, and avoid future vet visits! We use canine specific exercise equipment to teach dogs better balance, body awareness, strength and confidence. From pet dogs to high performance canine athletes, we have programs to suit every dog’s needs!
Contact: Jo Lopez
Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 358-4141
Pooch Partners
Group fitness, obedience, learn to run program, intro to canicross, skijoring, kick sledding, weight pulling, and nose work seminars are just some of the activities at Pooch Partners that provide a great bonding experience and a ton of fun for canine and human participants! Vimeo on Demand training videos available too!
Contact: Shelly Korobanik
Vernon, British Columbia
(250) 308-5457
Canine Conduct
We believe that all dog owners are, in essence, dog trainers. Many people find themselves with a dog in the house but have difficulty teaching what every dog needs to know: manners. Canine Conduct offers classes and private training for manners, obedience, clicker and agility training for puppies and adult dogs as well as specializing in proven and positive training techniques for dogs with behavioural issues such as reactivity or aggression.
Contact: Dave L Lapointe
Kamloops, British Columbia
(250) 377-8493
Jonah’s Ark
We provide an exclusive doggie playcare with many unique benefits with a small number of dogs in our large indoor, fully matted facility. Our unique style of dog training that is not very common in the dog training industry these days. We use no food or treats, force, shock collars for training dogs. Instead we use a simple method of play and praise. Our training system is very simple and we can help you in many ways with your dog’s behavioural issues.
Contact: Saro Boghozian
North Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 990-1642
Berner Gold
Contact: Anita Vaartstra
Abbotsford, British Columbia
(604) 302-3136
Gentle Puppy Training
Contact: Monique Charbonnier, CPDT-KA
Abbotsford, British Columbia
(604) 607-6564
Contact: Donna Bradley
Abbotsford, British Columbia
(604) 857-0490
Doug Joinson
Contact: Doug Joinson
Chilliwack, British Columbia
(604) 819-3841
Paws to Play
Contact: Kevin Ng
Cloverdale, British Columbia
(604) 575-2995
Paws N Tail
Contact: Fendi Li CPDT-KA
Coquitlam, British Columbia
(604) 941-9001
The Dog Station
Contact: Yosh Uegaki
Coquitlam, British Columbia
(604) 936-7297
Pawsitive Connections
Contact: Angela Hicke
Courtenay, British Columbia
(250) 335-2680
Contact: Megan Hird
Courtenay, British Columbia
(250) 703-4735
Judy Chapman
Contact: Judy Chapman
Cranbrook, British Columbia
(250) 489-1914
Lucky Dog Traning Services
Contact: Stephanie McGregor
Cranbrook, British Columbia
(250) 464-1985
Helping Paw
Contact: Diana Miller
Creston, British Columbia
(250) 428-4230
Cowichan Canine
Contact: Lisbeth Plant
Crofton, British Columbia
(778) 455-1985
Cathy Smith-Clark, CAPPDT
Contact: Cathy Smith-Clark, CAPPDT
Fernie, British Columbia
(250) 423-7257
Insight Dog Training
Contact: Maureen O'Connor
Fort Langley, British Columbia
(604) 374-5401
Kuz U Kan
Contact: Laurie Niedermayer
Fort St. John, British Columbia
(778) 256-2248
Simply Pawsitive
Contact: Linda Murray
Fruitvale, British Columbia
(250) 367-7211
Vicki McDonald
Contact: Vicki McDonald
Gabriola, British Columbia
(250) 247-9229
Sarah Pennington
Contact: Sarah Pennington
Galiano, British Columbia
(250) 539-5296
RM Bed & Biscuits
Contact: Lisa Harvey
Golden, British Columbia
(250) 344-4551
Panda Bear Kennels
Contact: Kathy Novokshonoff, CPDT-KA
Grand Forks, British Columbia
(250) 442-2653
Gary Dace
Contact: Gary Dace
Invermere, British Columbia
(250) 341-3228
Mary Zacharatos
Contact: Mary Zacharatos
Kamloops, British Columbia
(250) 578-0455
Pat Cutler, RAHT, CPDT-KA
Contact: Pat Cutler, RAHT, CPDT-KA
Kamloops, British Columbia
(250) 851-0171
Chasing Tails
Contact: Paula Schneider
Kelowna, British Columbia
(250) 212-1892
Dog Understood
Contact: Linda MacGillivray DipCBST
Kelowna, British Columbia
(250) 717-5950
Heather Payne
Contact: Heather Payne
Kelowna, British Columbia
(250) 491-7257
Sun Valley Pet Servies
Contact: Tamara Anderson
Kelowna, British Columbia
(250) 869-9551
Jean Sweet, CPDT-KA
Contact: Jean Sweet, CPDT-KA
Mackenzie, British Columbia
(250) 997-6956
Canine Connection
Contact: Dina Popadiuk
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
(604) 463-7422
Pawsitively Canine
Contact: Lisa Davies
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
(604) 476-1670
K9 Evolution
Contact: Katrina Rollason
Nelson, British Columbia
(250) 505-6175
Love 2 Play
Contact: Jeanne Shaw CPDT-KA
Nelson, British Columbia
(250) 359-6650
Super Fly Dogs
Contact: Melanie Zarchikoff
Nelson, British Columbia
(250) 777-4333
Pawsitively Canine
Contact: Karena Harvey
New Westminster, British Columbia
(604) 813-1620
Denise Holowolenko
Contact: Denise Holowolenko
North Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 983-0211
Wendy Alexander
Contact: Wendy Alexander
North Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 980-4930
Yasuko Bonkowski
Contact: Yasuko Bonkowski
North Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 983-9377
Pets Stay Home Training & Care
Contact: Mick Howland
Parksville, British Columbia
(250) 586-7387
Good Dog
Contact: Jaime Kinna
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
(604) 726-5666
Be Dog Proud
Contact: Jane Eskuri
Port Moody, British Columbia
(604) 949-0630
Doggie Be Good
Contact: Brenda Clarke
Powell River, British Columbia
(604) 487-9448
Definitely Dogs
Contact: Domena Diesing
Qualicum Beach, British Columbia
(250) 752-2909
Vicom Passion Dogs
Contact: Barb Ashmead
Qualicum Beach, British Columbia
(250) 752-2797
Ann McPhee
Contact: Ann McPhee
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
(250) 537-9505
Salty dog
Contact: Diane Alton-Kaighin
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
(250) 653-2447
The K9 Club
Contact: Andrea Richmond
Sechelt, British Columbia
(604) 885-2508
K-9 Angels
Contact: Tanya Hainstock
Southbank, British Columbia
(250) 694-3766
Paw in Hand
Contact: Maren Bruun
Squamish, British Columbia
(604) 892-4278
Amanda Jacobs
Contact: Amanda Jacobs
Surrey, British Columbia
(778) 836-4048
Balance Canine Behaviour
Contact: Shelley Nelson
Surrey, British Columbia
(604) 671-8813
Camrose Kennels
Contact: Terry Shackleton
Surrey, British Columbia
(604) 576-6547
Complex Canine
Contact: Melissa Van Londersele
Surrey, British Columbia
(604) 377-0474
Dog House Obedience
Contact: Desiree McLean
Surrey, British Columbia
(604) 596-3647
Karin's K9
Contact: Karin Peters
Surrey, British Columbia
(604) 564-8914
Brigid Wertz
Contact: Brigid Wertz
Trail, British Columbia
(250) 368-6161
Alpha Dog Training
Contact: Nina Houghton
Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 802-8251
Anne Shellard
Contact: Anne Shellard
Vancouver, British Columbia
(778) 991-2559
Bark Busters
Contact: Nik Fabisiak
Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 812-8214
Obedience Unleashed
Contact: Andy Krzus
Vancouver, British Columbia
(778) 991-0005
Obediently Yours k9 Training
Contact: Lori Mason
Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 818-5564
Pacific Dogs
Contact: Mike Annan
Vancouver, British Columbia
(250) 468-7834
Wag The Dog
Contact: Amelia Fellenz
Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 781-8448
T Touch
Contact: Robyn Hood
Vernon, British Columbia
(800) 545-2336
Canine Behaviourist & Trainer
Contact: Andrew Lemon
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 480-9628
Clever Canine
Contact: Janet Parker, CPDT-KA
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 382-4408
Dog Tech
Contact: Marie Zirk
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 598-3986
Dynamic Dogs
Contact: Judith Whitemarsh
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 419-3344
Rescue Me Canine
Contact: Jeff Reid
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 884-3923
Smart Dog Training
Contact: Sherry Antonishen, BA, CPDT
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 744-3017
Star Dogs
Contact: Starlene Toole
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 483-5306
The Naughty Dogge
Contact: Monique Anstee
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 590-2664
Woof School
Contact: Rebecca Squires
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 893-6004
Ann Jackson
Contact: Ann W. Jackson
West Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 922-3851
Bad Dogs Gone Good
Contact: Sarah Dykes
Whistler, British Columbia
(604) 935-6044
Backyard Agility Dogs
Laurie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and Professional Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT). She continues to update her education in the field of dog training by participating in workshops and seminars. All of Laurie’s training methods are based on positive, motivational training. Over the past two decades, Laurie has instructed Obedience, Rally Obedience, Socialization and Agility classes at all levels.
Contact: Laurie Keith
Petersfield, Manitoba
(204) 250-2447
Training Loyal Companions
Training Loyal Companions offers a variety of dog training classes and workshops in Winnipeg to help you along with your new canine companion. If a new puppy needs some training or an older pet needs better listening skills, we have a class to suit you and your family. All classes use only positive reinforcement techniques, treats, verbal praise and petting to get desired results.
Contact: Christie Golebiowski
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(204) 794-5456
The Gold Lead
We are delighted to share information which will assist you in caring for, training and developing a rich understanding and positive relationship with your canine companion. We emphasize responsible dog ownership, placing particular focus on well-raised pets, who as Good Members of Society are well-mannered both at home and in the community.
Contact: Sharon Hobbs, R.N., B.Sc.N., M.B.A
Cook’s Creek, Manitoba
(204) 444.4203
Longburn German Shepherds
Contact: Debbi McArthur
MacDonald, Manitoba
(204) 274-2503
Dog Owners
Contact: Grace McDonald
Oakbank, Manitoba
(204) 444-2558
Sky Pilot Dog Centre
Contact: Anne Bachewich
Sandy Lake, Manitoba
(204) 585-2661
Pawsh Training
Contact: Chrisy Schnurrer
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(204) 488-6078
New Brunswick
St. Martin’s Dog Kennels
We provide year round boarding for dogs/cats /off leash walks and obedience or agility training. The kennel is owned by Caroline Bird an experienced certified dog trainer.
Contact: Caroline Bird
St. Martin’s, New Brunswick
(506) 833-2347
No trainers registered with us in this province.
Robert Metzler
Contact: Robert Metzler
Canobie, New Brunswick
(506) 548-9136
Ralph McQueen
Contact: Ralph McQueen
Fredericton, New Brunswick
(506) 363-5583
River Valley Obedience Club
Contact: Bonnie Horncastle
Fredericton, New Brunswick
(506) 472-1028
SQ Dogs
Contact: Ken Salter
Hanwell, New Brunswick
(506) 457-1207
Ann Savoy
Contact: Ann Savoy
Moncton, New Brunswick
(506) 757-2547
DogGone Pawsitive
Contact: Shelley Hunter, CPDT
Riverview, New Brunswick
(506) 386-7387
Salsbury K9 Centre
Contact: Christianne Schneider
Salisbury, New Brunswick
(506) 372-5444
Better Behavior Canine Training
Contact: Bonnie Fisher
Shediac, New Brunswick
(506) 351-0309
Newfoundland & Labrador
Newfoundland’s Dog Whisperer
Do you have a problem dog? Maybe your dog bites and nips? Maybe your dog suffers from separation anxiety? Maybe your dog is agressive with other dogs or people? Maybe you are having problems house training your dog? I can help you. I have been a dog trainer and behaviorist since 2005. I have successfully worked with and rehabilitated all types of dogs with all types of problems. No dog is too difficult to handle.
Contact: Ken Reid
St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador
(709) 685-2851
Topsailstar Pet Center
At Topsailstar Pet Center, we strive to help you form a better bond and communicate more effectively with your dog. We teach you how to communicate with your dog so you can bring about the desired behaviours that allow your dog to be a happy and healthy canine member of your family.
St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador
(709) 747-5555
Elite K9 Services
Reward Based Training for: Pet, Sport and Competition Level Obedience, Tracking, IPO, Puppy Foundation Training, Conditioning, Tricks, Behavioral Problem Solving, and Specialized Skills for Service Dogs. Our focus is Handler Coaching and Engagement Skills. Our Motto is: Dogs who are made to feel like Rock Stars, work like Rock Stars!
Contact: Dawn Strickland
Conception Bay South, Newfoundland & Labrador
(709) 687-9734
Rebel Boarding Kennels
Grooming, Boarding, Socializing, doggie day care, cat boarding, obedience.
Contact: Lesley Peddle
Seal Cove, Newfoundland & Labrador
(709) 597-4835
Dynamic Canines
Contact: Rose Browne
St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador
(709) 685-5610
Northwest Territories
No trainers registered with us in this province.
No trainers registered with us in this province.
No trainers registered with us in this province.
Nova Scotia
It’s a Ruff Life Dog Training
Building your relationship with your dog while shaping the behaviors you want using a positive based approach. Basic manners for puppies, basic manners for adults, recall classes, private sessions.
Contact: Sonja Olejniczak
Brazil Lake, Nova Scotia
(902) 749-7833
Ditto’s Canine Learning Centre
Ditto’s Caine Learning Centre promotes BOND-BASED training and strenghtens the human-dog relationship so that your dog achieves their highest potential.
Contact: Jane Smith
Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
(902) 624-0800
Good Dog Works!
Reward-based family dog training in groups or private sessions for all levels. Behaviour consultations as well as Daycare, Boarding and Grooming.
Contact: Alexandra Keir, CPDT-KA
Stellarton, Nova Scotia
(902) 695-3077
Wag Canine Recreation Centre
Puppy Pre-school, Puppy Drop in Playtime, Private and Group Training, Dog Daycare, Grooming, Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid Courses, Quality Canadian Dog Food
Contact: Jennifer Blackman
Amherst, Nova Scotia
(902) 660-9244
Kim Cole Dog Training
In-home dog training and private walking with you and your dog.
Contact: Kim Cole
Truro, Nova Scotia
(902) 956-4902
Dogs On Point
Private in-home Training, Board and Train, Boarding.
Contact: Jeremy Donnelly
Westville, Nova Scotia
(902) 921-1919
Dauphinee's Knine Services
Contact: Cory Dauphinee
Halifax, Nova Scotia
(902) 499-2724
Pws For Family And Friends
Contact: Susan Jordan
Halifax, Nova Scotia
(902) 499-7569
Unleashed Paws
Contact: Tamara McFarland
Halifax, Nova Scotia
(902) 431-8604
Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada
Contact: Jeanette Reynolds
Head of Jeddore, Nova Scotia
(902) 889-2214
Sunburst Meadow
Contact: Deneen Newport
Maitland, Nova Scotia
(902) 261-2172
Good Dog Works
Contact: Donna Keir
Stellarton, Nova Scotia
(902) 695-3077
TMA Service Dogs
Contact: Rhonda Langille
Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia
(902) 657-0092
Dauphinee's Knine Services
Contact: Amanda Dauphinee
Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia
(902) 499-6226
K9 Possible
Contact: Simone Krebser
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
(902) 307-1540
No trainers registered with us in this province.
No trainers registered with us in this province.
No trainers registered with us in this province.
Happy Hound
Happy Hound provides a service which helps you and your dog understand each other better. Our goal is to improve the communication between you and your dog which will enhance your relationship. Training since 1990 and a Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers.
Contact: Marcia Scott
Ashton, Ontario
(613) 253-5535
Pawsitive Spirit Training & Wellness
Our consistent, clear training based on TRUST not FEAR helps you better understand and communicate with your dog. We specialize in positive reinforcement training. Veterinarian Recommended! We teach puppy classes, obedience, agility, tricks, 4 Paw Fitness and behaviour modification – indoors, outdoors and in your own home!
Contact: Debra Pearse
Barrie, Ontario
(705) 725-0665
Paus-n-Train provides year round dog training classes in Obedience, Agility and Rally-O. Drawing on the “Positive reinforcement” philosophy of dog training, Gwen Little uses what is commonly referred to as the “clicker method.” With class sizes limited to 4 students per trainer, each participant can benefit from one on one time with the trainer.
Contact: Sharon Worsley
Cameron, Ontario
(705) 359-1469
Way of Life Dog Training
Way of Life™ Dog Training coaches clients in creating deep bonds with their dogs for a lifetime of fun and freedom. Working with relationship rather than with surface behaviour, we help owners resolve issues such as anxiety or aggression and design ways of life that nurture sound and spirited dogs.
Contact: Souha Ezzedeen – Founder & Head Coach
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 546-5486
Windy Willow Pet Service
Puppies are precious and training should start the moment they enter your homes. Our mission is to improve the bond between owners and their dogs and to reduce the number of dogs that are relinquished to shelters for behavioural reasons.
Contact: Rachelle Buckle
Newmarket, Ontario
(905) 806-7219
Trillium K-9 Obedience & Protection Training
Looking for a fully obedient, happy, well adjusted dog? I offer In-home and Board-and-Train Obedience for dogs of all breeds and ages. Training in your home or mine, or choose a fully pre-trained young adult raised in my home. Breeder research, puppy selection assistance, Protection Training also available.
Contact: Stephen Avent
Rockland, Ontario
(613) 301-7367
Dog Guru
Effective Dog & People Friendly Training and Courses. Pet First Aid Certification course in Toronto area and expanding (check website for upcoming course dates and locations). Training for the Pet Care Industry (Dog Walker, Dog Daycare, Kennel Attendant), Pet Business Ownership Mentoring (Phone, Video, In-Person), Pet Behavior Consultations (Phone, Video, In-Person).
Contact: Cheryl Orletsky
Thornhill, Ontario
(647) 428-3819
CGMB Kennels
We offer clients a variety of training classes built to your needs — Puppy, Obedience, Agility, Utility, & more. Recently, we’ve been using Behaviour Adjustment Therapy to help animals from Northern Ontario find new forever homes. Find new training courses, workshops and our rescue work on Facebook, Instagram and our website.
Contact: Christina Grenon
Timmins, Ontario
(705) 465-0392
Dogs Behaven
Practical dog training and problem solving. Dog and puppy obedience training classes in Beeton and Bolton, ON. Sport Scent Detection, Tricks classes and private lessons also available. For all of your dog’s behaviour problems, from potty training to dog aggression and everything in between. Over 30 years experience.
Contact: Kim Peters
Bolton, Ontario
(905) 729-0173
Cassandra Canines
Cassandra Certified Profession Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed, FitPAWS Master Trainer, Rally Free Certified Instructor, Certified Teacher-Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association) works closely with owners and all breeds of dogs to better their relationships using her innovative, motivational and positive training techniques, providing expert support and training for pet owners, competitors and training instructors.
Contact: Cassandra Hartman
Caledonia, Ontario
(905) 765-8126
Dog Friendship Inc.
Making a difference in the world…one dog at a time.
Contact: Helen Prinold,  M.Sc. Animal Behaviour, CAPF
Guelph, Ontario
(226) 500-3647
The Dog Nanny
“Causing PAIN is No Way to TRAIN” Group & Private Classes: All Levels of Obedience, FUNgility, Rally-O, Scenting, CGN/Therapy Prep Course and Behavioural Modification (Privates). Certified Canine Behaviourist (B. Sc), Certified Professional Dog Training Instructor (Over 30 years experience)
Contact: Marcia Murray-Stoof, Certified Canine Behaviourist (B. Sc)
Innisfil, Ontario
(705) 436-4158
Dave McMahon’s Dog Training Academy
Obedience training for the family dog. Problem solving is our speciality. Dave McMahon is the host of the popular Dog Talk radio show on 610am CKTB. Live online at Live on-air Monday nights at 7:05pm-8:00pm. The only radio talk show in Canada completely dedicated to dogs
Contact: Dave McMahon
Big River, Saskatchewan
(905) 358-4515
Clancy’s Way
Linda Quinton is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Cpdt-KA), Certified in Canine Nutrition & Fitness (CertCF & CertCN) and attended the Karen Pryor Academy.
Contact: Linda Quinton, CPDT-KA
Sarnia, Ontario
(519) 333-7364
Interactive Dog
Contact: Jeff Anderson
Ancaster, Ontario
(905) 648-4583
See Spot Stay
Contact: Natasha Pinsent
Ashton, Ontario
(613) 838-4095
Shady Orchard Dogs
Contact: Adrienne Powell
Ashton, Ontario
(613) 222-7776
Bruce Turnbull
Contact: Bruce Turnbull
Auburn, Ontario
(519) 526-3339
Inner Wolf Canine Services
Contact: Jennifer Bishop
Bancroft, Ontario
(613) 202-0264
Top Dog K9 Services + Camp Dogwood North
Contact: Kathy Currie-Eyers
Barrie, Ontario
(705) 812-7529
Top Dogs K-9 Services
Contact: Kacy Currie-Marier
Barrie, Ontario
(705) 792-5137
Tully Tails
Contact: Jessica Tully
Barrie, Ontario
(705) 790-5534
Craig Cassidy
Contact: Craig Cassidy
Barrie, Ontario
(705) 220-6430
Super Paws
Contact: Ginny Campbell
Belleville, Ontario
(613) 969-0970
Super Paws
Contact: Gwen Schamerhorn
Belleville, Ontario
(613) 969-0970
Joan Reid
Contact: Joan Reid
Blackstock, Ontario
(905) 986-4695
Winstead Dogs – Training & Boarding
Contact: Shelly Korobanik
Bloomfield, Ontario
(613) 393-2729
Contact: Jeremy Hall
Bowmanville, Ontario
(905) 410-4400
Different Breed Dog Training
Contact: Chris Garrison
Brantford, Ontario
(519) 865-2282
K9 Manners
Contact: Lori Fry
Burlington, Ontario
(905) 510-5186
Pets In The City
Contact: Sandra Aversa
Burlington, Ontario
(905) 484-5915
Canine Balance Training
Contact: Ron McJannet
Burlington, Ontario
(905) 465-5837
Magic Mutts PJ
Contact: Pamela Johnston
Caledonia, Ontario
(905) 379-0771
Dog Gone Crazy
Contact: Joan Orr
Campbellville, Ontario
(905) 854-3232
Select Canine Services
Contact: Shawna Boyechko
Carlsbad Springs, Ontario
(613) 620-5418
Canadian Dog Father
Contact: Rob Hyttenrauch
Carlsbad Springs, Ontario
(613) 869-2275
Jill Kolar
Contact: Jill Kolar
Chalk River, Ontario
(613) 589-2863
TSURO Dog Training
Contact: Roger E. Hild
Cobourg, Ontario
(905) 373-5170
Canine Basics
Contact: Jane McLaren
Cornwall, Ontario
(613) 936-6977
Lana Ingram
Contact: Lana Ingram
Dundas, Ontario
(905) 627-0974
Mother Knows Best
Contact: Dorothy L. Avery
Easy York, Ontario
(416) 421-6019
Katherine Atkinson
Contact: Katherine Atkinson
Erin, Ontario
(519) 940-6963
Anthony Capuano
Contact: Anthony Capuano
Etobicoke, Ontario
(416) 858-1476
Attitude Ulimited
Contact: Catherine Crisp
Etobicoke, Ontario
(416) 795-3847
CW Canines
Contact: Leslie Wang
Etobicoke, Ontario
(416) 626-5206
Pepp K9
Contact: Kathy Legault
Fort Erie, Ontario
(905) 933-8801
On Golden Paws
Contact: Kelly Dearlove
Goderich , Ontario
(519) 233-3331
Nicole Simmie, CPDT-KA
Contact: Nicole Simmie, CPDT-KA
Guelph, Ontario
(519) 339-0662
Joanne George
Contact: Joanne George
Hamilton, Ontario
(905) 525-1286
John Hunter
Contact: John Hunter
Hamilton, Ontario
(905) 518-5661
Camp Dog Would
Contact: Judy Sauve
Hawkesbury, Ontario
(613) 632-6502
Denommee Animal Training
Contact: Mary Ann Denommee
Hearst, Ontario
(705) 362-5855
Karen McVeigh
Contact: Karen McVeigh
Hillsburgh, Ontario
(519) 855-9786
Spirit Ridge
Contact: Jim Tsitanidis
Hillsburgh, Ontario
(519) 855-6962
Barbara Pest
Contact: Barbara Pest
Huntsville, Ontario
(705) 635-9294
Ola Zalewski
Contact: Ola Zalewski
King City, Ontario
(416) 834-1208
Locksley Farms
Contact: Carole Saunders
Kingston, Ontario
(613) 532-7335
Luv A K9
Contact: Gwenneth Howard
Kingston, Ontario
(613) 389-2895
Class Pup
Contact: Margaret Manson
Kingsville, Ontario
(519) 736-4221
Confident Canines
Contact: Lynda O'Neill
Kitchener, Ontario
(226) 889-1014
Ellis Dog Academy
Contact: Jennifer Ellis
Kleinburg, Ontario
(905) 893-0486
Wiggles and Wags Dog Services
Contact: Stephanie Amyot
L'Orignal, Ontario
(613) 551-0706
Due North Kennels
Contact: Patricia Robertson, CDT
Lakefield, Ontario
(705) 652-0682
Beau On The Go
Contact: Cindy VanFrankfoort
Lakefield, Ontario
(705) 652-6758
Kawartha Canine
Contact: Esther McGee
Lindsay, Ontario
(705) 878-3358
Corina Weech
Contact: Corina Weech
Lindsay, Ontario
(705) 320-7612
John Wade
Contact: John Wade
London, Ontario
(519) 457-9559
Sit Means Sit
Contact: Brent McLeod
London, Ontario
(519) 870-3647
Zachary Rondinelli
Contact: Zachary Rondinelli
London, Ontario
(519) 672-6149
Balance Canines
Contact: Anne Puchtinger
London, Ontario
(519) 641-2832
Dogs Will Be Dogs
Contact: Carolyn Bray
Makrham, Ontario
(905) 513-9359
DogWalking Milton
Contact: Justyna Lam
Milton, Ontario
(647) 502-2749
Fun For Fido
Contact: Michelle McAuley
Milton, Ontario
(905) 878-6384
Bow Wow Win
Contact: Mary Anderson
Mindemoya, Ontario
(705) 377-4326
Best Friends Pets Training
Contact: Andrew Perkins
Mississauga, Ontario
(416) 576-5001
Canine Foundations
Contact: Julie Ott
Moonstone, Ontario
(705) 835-3177
Thames Centre Service Dogs
Contact: Elizabeth Baker, C.S.D.T.
Mount Brydges, Ontario
(519) 318-4658
Balance Canine Behaviour
Contact: Jeff Ferrone
Nepean, Ontario
Canadian Canine
Contact: Randy Chartrand
Nepean, Ontario
(613) 276-3647
Dian McTaggart
Contact: Dian McTaggart
Nepean, Ontario
(613) 225-4853
VonWasserHund Rotweilers
Contact: Erica Holding
Neslton Station, Ontario
(905) 986-5408
Aim High Coaching
Contact: Linda Barton
New Dundee, Ontario
(519) 696-3850
Chip Kean
Contact: Chip Kean
North Bay, Ontario
(705) 471-3045
Speaking of Dogs
Contact: Lorraine Houston
North York, Ontario
(416) 444-4190
A1 Tail Waggers
Contact: Paul Storrie
North York, Ontario
(416) 443-9502
Pack Leader Pet Services
Contact: Susan Adams-Wauro
Oakville, Ontario
(905) 257-2828
Pawsitive Plus
Contact: Genevieve Reisinger
Oakville, Ontario
(289) 242-7767
Pawsitive Plus Dog Training & K9 Consulting Service
Contact: Liz Berta
Oakville, Ontario
(289) 242-7767
Contact: Joy Oja
Oakville, Ontario
(905) 815-9549
Rachel Westwood
Contact: Rachel Westwood
Oakville, Ontario
(416) 819-4837
Think Positive Dog
Contact: Debra Pearson
Oakville, Ontario
(905) 467-8923
Vet Pet
Contact: Kandis Hall
Oakville, Ontario
(905) 827-1171
Asa Sjoberg
Contact: Asa Sjoberg
Oakville, Ontario
(905) 469-9956
Dealing With Dogs
Contact: Jackie Smith
Oakville, Ontario
(905) 469-1555
Good Sit Dog Training
Contact: Cathy Pote
Oakville, Ontario
(905) 847-7468
Puppy Tails
Contact: Sue Woodworth
Orangeville, Ontario
(519) 940-0941
Playful Paws Kennel & Spa
Contact: Cindy Kerr
Orillia, Ontario
(705) 326-5576
Royal Pets Hotel
Contact: Jenn Dahinten
Oro-Medonte, Ontario
(705) 726-5034
Pawsitively Dog
Contact: Craig Powell
Oshawa, Ontario
(905) 922-5650
Canine SOS
Contact: Yamei Ross
Oshawa, Ontario
(289) 240-6659
Lyn Boudreault
Contact: Lyn Boudreault
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 796-0364
Maple Myst
Contact: Manon Brisebois
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 875-1306
Ottawa Canine School
Contact: Chantal Mills
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 296-3643
Pawsitive Difference
Contact: Viola Larkin
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 859-5057
Positive Changes Dog Training
Contact: Danielle Beauregard
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 889-0385
QD Pet Services
Contact: Jessica MacGregor
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 325-3774
Woof Matters
Contact: Heather Laundry
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 795-7416
Baard Paws
Contact: Sandra Fyfe
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 617-0927
Carleton Place Dogs
Contact: Bonnie Galvin
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 447-3783
Claudia Kaelin
Contact: Claudia Kaelin
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 315-3426
Competative K9s
Contact: Stephanie Perrier
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 324-7975
Dog is Good
Contact: Laura Moir
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 875-2331
Dogs In Harmony
Contact: Lynn Hyndman
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 851-7129
Gravity Dogs
Contact: Adrienne Grove
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 240-0599
Dog Training Owen Sound
Contact: Regine Manicom
Owen Sound, Ontario
(519) 371-4785
Dream Dogs
Contact: Lary Lindsay
Owen Sound, Ontario
(519) 477-2275
Contact: Karen Clarkson
Paris, Ontario
(519) 442-1463
Pet Behaviour
Contact: Jessica O'Neill
Perth, Ontario
(613) 206-4531
Paws N Train
Contact: Gwen Little
Peterborough, Ontario
(705) 740-0774
The Ugly Pug
Contact: Christine Baayen
Peterborough, Ontario
(705) 559-2976
Dog Training And Equipment Sales
Contact: Allan Maniate
Peterborough, Ontario
(705) 768-3647
Elaine C. Hopkins
Contact: Elaine C. Hopkins
Peterborough, Ontario
(705) 743-7894
Dog House Freedom
Contact: Kelly Helliwell
Pickering, Ontario
(905) 706-6028
Allison Groff
Contact: Allison Groff
Port Elgin, Ontario
(519) 832-2275
K9 Dojo
Contact: Tomer Joury
Richmond Hill, Ontario
My Obedient Dog
Contact: Shogher (Sho) Papazian
Richmond Hill, Ontario
(416) 414-9305
Canine Company
Contact: Tonji Stewart
Ridgeville, Ontario
(905) 892-5425
Happy Tails Canine Training
Contact: Michelle St. Germain
Russell, Ontario
(613) 445-9901
Five Star Dogs
Contact: Anthea Young Miller
Saint-pascal-baylon, Ontario
(613) 488-3338
Ruff Sport
Contact: Heather McLeod
Schomberg, Ontario
(416) 886-3418
Rover Barbets
Contact: Veronica Matthews
Severn Bridge, Ontario
(705) 783-1106
Dog Training
Contact: Paola Hoger
South Mountain, Ontario
(613) 989-3647
Carolark: The Canine Learning Centre
Contact: Nicola Barham, KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA
Stittsville, Ontario
(613) 591-3277
Carolark: The Canine Learning Centre
Contact: Jo-Ann Steele
Stittsville, Ontario
(613) 591-3277
Pet Vet Hospitals
Contact: Amy Lupton
Stoney Creek, Ontario
(905) 662-6719
K9 In Kahooots
Contact: Darlene Johnson
Stouffville, Ontario
(905) 642-8289
Damax Kennels
Contact: Maxine Watson
Stratford, Ontario
(519) 271-8950
Dogs R Us
Contact: Carole Vanier
Sudbury, Ontario
(705) 586-9928
Sit Stay Learn
Contact: Janis Mikelberg, CPDT-KA
Thornhill, Ontario
(905) 882-9415
TB Vet
Contact: Colleen Kubinec
Thunder Bay, Ontario
(807) 623-3531
Kerry Young
Contact: Kerry Young
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 930-4323
Metro Dog Stop
Contact: Caley Morris
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 789-4451
Nina Castle
Contact: Nina Castle
Toronto, Ontario
(647) 520-5680
Pawsibilities Training
Contact: Annie Vaughan
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 509-5312
Sun Dog Walks
Contact: Scott Nygren
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 629-4493
Take A Paw Toronto
Contact: Kelly Turnbull
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 875-3547
Take Back the Couch
Contact: Princie Elliott
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 823-7224
The Underbite Inn
Contact: Shona Gage
Toronto, Ontario
(647) 858-3194
The Wisdom of Woof
Contact: Jennifer Legere
Toronto, Ontario
(647) 500-3768
Training The Clicks
Contact: Sabina Gross
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 209-9830
Unleash Dogs
Contact: Jashan Swaich
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 520-2017
Agzam Nor
Contact: Agzam Nor
Toronto, Ontario
(647) 351-4341
All About Dogs
Contact: Renee deVilliers
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 604-9426
Andria Gordon
Contact: Andria Gordon
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 885-8232
Bark Busters
Contact: Lisa Marshall
Toronto, Ontario
(647) 800-0072
Canine Companions + Raising K-9 Inc.
Contact: Keiley Abbat
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 466-4789
Critical Choice First Aid
Contact: Shari Sollows
Toronto, Ontario
(647) 357-3432
Darrells Pet Services
Contact: Darrell O'Dea
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 420-3884
Dog Gone Right
Contact: Margaret Pender
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 690-2793
Executive Pet Concierge
Contact: Judy Weiss
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 666-9347
Good Dog Training
Contact: Valerie Ivak
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 839-1490
Happy Dog Obedience
Contact: Danno Schut
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 604-2520
See Spot Run
Contact: Janine Jakimiec
Walkerton, Ontario
(519) 901-0392
Leading The Pack
Contact: Sarah Fotheringham
Windsor, Ontario
(519) 999-9840
Sandy Crosby
Contact: Sandy Crosby
Woodlawn, Ontario
(613) 832-2254
Prince Edward Island
No deluxe trainers registered with us in this province.
No featured trainers registered with us in this province.
Pat Renshaw
Contact: Pat Renshaw
Stratford, Prince Edward Island
Positive Canine
Dog training should be fun. We all have busy schedules but have come to dog class to improve ours and our dogs life’s. Using positive reinforcement/lure training, we take advantage of the canine’s visual learning skills and mix in verbal communication. Combine all of this with weekly tricks or games, for a winning experience.
Chateauguay, Quebec
(450) 691-4769
Blue Ribbon Canines
Blue Ribbon Canine Centre is an innovative dog training school offering the most current obedience training techniques for your special companion. In training, we motivate dogs through food and play. Dog training becomes a fun team activity for handler and dog! Our main goal is a happy and reliable pet who is a joy to live with.
Contact: Lise Hargrave
Dorval, Quebec
(514) 420-0101
Dogue Shop
Dogue Shop innovates in dog training through programs such as the Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship Animal-Assisted therapy, and Doga programs. All classes are science based. Dogue Shop deepens the human-animal bond through physical, mental, and emotional relationship building exercises. Our mission is to educate animals and people who care for them.
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 842-6160
Pup Wellness
Pup Private Training sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, booked around your schedule. Our Initial consultation helps us better understand your needs while assessing your dog. We then develop a custom training strategy to meet your goals. We offer our training services throughout Montreal and the surrounding areas.
Contact: Zoe Quinn-Phillips
Quebec, Quebec
(514) 244-0168
Approche naturella. Nous traitons le chien comme un chien et non comme un enfant. Consultations et thérapie comportemental. Toutes races, tous âges, tous les problèmes. Éducation en privé. Maternelle à partir de 6 semaines. Éducation juvénile à partir de 4 mois. Cours Devenir le maître. Pension Éducative de Jour.
Contact: Sylvain Duchesneau
Terrebonne, Quebec
(450) 325-2297
K9 Companions
CK9 Companions, owned and operated by Helen McGraw, has been in operation since 1995 in Cantley, Quebec, Canada. Helen graduated from Canada’s first two-year Tellington-Touch Companion Animal Certification Program in 2000. She has since attained the title of Guild Certified Senior Practitioner (Level 3). She is also a Dog Powered Sports Instructor, Therapy Dog Evaluator and Syn-Flex Distributer for Eastern Canada.
Contact: Helen McGraw
Cantley, Quebec
(819) 827-1467
Maitre’Des Chien
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Contact: Nathalie Houle
Chelsea, Quebec
(819) 607-0714
Blue Ribbon Canines
Contact: Harriet Schleifer
Dorval, Quebec
(514) 420-0101
Kobe Dog Pals
Contact: Donna Rafalski
Gatineau, Quebec
(819) 210-8479
Le Yapeaux
Contact: Leslie Whan
Gatineau, Quebec
(819) 281-2220
Pit Our Bain
Contact: Danka Janosz
Laval, Quebec
(514) 467-3956
Michel Plant Therapeute Canin
Contact: Michel Plante
Longueuil, Quebec
(514) 618-5026
Blue Ribbon Canine Centre Inc.
Contact: Elizabeth Baribault
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 378-0039
Course Canin
Contact: Amelie Bourdon
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 717-2138
Contact: Ginette Heppelle
Montreal, Quebec
(438) 777-5260
Jacinthe St-Pierre
Contact: Jacinthe St-Pierre
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 816-6704
Quides Canins
Contact: Nelly Benabou, BSc, AHT, RVT
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 262-7715
Andree Sauvageau Mercure
Contact: Andree Sauvageau Mercure
Piedmont, Quebec
(450) 227-0550
Positive Canine
Contact: Debbie Ryan
Pierrefonds, Quebec
(514) 421-2144
Un Bon Chien
Contact: Eric Lamoureux
Quebec, Quebec
(418) 554-5309
Nancy Dube
Contact: Nancy Dube
Rimouski, Quebec
(418) 725-1363
Dog E Business
Contact: Lisanne Major
Saint-Lazare, Quebec
(450) 455-4140
Psycho Pattes
Contact: Carole Forget
Saint-Lazare, Quebec
(450) 202-1085
Fide Le Canin
Contact: Danielle Gauthier de Varennes
Tewkesbury, Quebec
(418) 848-7789
Sherwood Park Vet
Contact: Joanie Leclair
Valleyfield, Quebec
(450) 807-4934
Quides Canins
Contact: Julie Sansregret
Vaudreuil Dorion, Quebec
(450) 424-1469
Trailrunners K9 Training Center
Trailrunners K9 Training Center trains dogs for clients. One of the main reasons that people bring their dogs to us is for obedience training, especially in the area of problem, unwanted, or dangerous behaviour issues. After training or rehabilitating the dog, we then teach the dog owner how to handle their “new” highly trained off leash dog. We have numerous play yards for the dogs between formal training times, where we use other compatible dogs to compliment the training and build confidence and manners in them around other dogs.
Big River, Saskatchewan
(306) 469-8009
The Dog’s Den Training School
At The Dog’s Den our classes teach you and your dog valuable life skills that effectively translate into manners at home and in other social settings. Your dog will learn to walk on a loose leash, sit and stay while doors are opened and closed, come when called and learn to keep four on the floor. This is achieved through Barbara Lloyd’s thorough knowledge and understanding of how dogs and people learn. Training your dog at The Dog’s Den will be a fun, positive, rewarding experience for you and your dog.
Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 586-7756
Pawsitive Attitudes Dogzone
We are dedicated to making your training experience fun and successful. We will treat both you and your dog with respect. We are there to HELP, not criticize or judge. We are understand and work with the individuality of all breeds, helping you adjust your training methods to genetic traits particular to each breed.
Regina, Saskatchewan
Paws Here Canine Services
New puppy in the house?? We have options for you! Either puppy classes, private 1-on-1 sessions, or a training package, we can get you started on the right track, or back ON the right track. New group classes monthly and privates available to suit your needs. It is ALWAYS easier to teach it when they’re little than it is to fix it once it’s become a bad habit!!
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
(306) 960-5145
Encore Dog Sports
We are a training facility that believes in positive training methods including clicker training. Our dog training classes are fun and informative so your dog can be a happy member of your family. In addition, we offer assistance for dogs with behavioral problems. Every breed of dog is welcome. We hope your dog will have a tail wagging good time.
Contact: Cheryl Partridge
Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 531-5860
P.R.DOGz Training
Each training program has a focus, but they are all customizable. This means that if your training needs don’t fall into one of the training programs we can add, delete and alter any program to address your particular training objectives.
Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 216-5575
Paws Republic
Contact: Kristine O'Brien
Martensville, Saskatchewan
(306) 934-7297
Delia (Dee) Epicuri
Contact: Delia (Dee) Epicuri
Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 539-8509
Ken Rod Dog Training
Contact: Allison Bokitch
Rosetown, Saskatchewan
(306) 882-3400
Diane Stene
Contact: Diane Stene
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
(306) 321-4850
Paws in Train
Contact: Venessa Martens CPDT-KA
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
(306) 955-5470
Cindy Blanchette
Contact: Cindy Blanchette
Unity, Saskatchewan
(306) 228-9897
Yukon Territory
No deluxe trainers registered with us in this province.
No featured trainers registered with us in this province.
Bonnitta J. Ritchie
Contact: Bonnitta J. Ritchie
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
(867) 335-8135