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Supporting your senior pet with quality nutrition

It can be difficult to watch your senior pet deal with the hardships of aging. Closely monitoring his nutrition with the help of your vet...

Understanding the symptoms of Lyme disease

Understanding the symptoms of Lyme disease

The symptoms of Lyme disease can be tricky to notice in both dogs and humans, since they’re similar to those associated with other common...

Sweet and savory spice treats

Sweet and savory spice treats

Use whatever you have on hand to create these delicious homemade dog treats. They’re never the same twice! Ingredients 4 cups whole...

Air Canada goes above and beyond to protect animals on flights

Air Canada goes above and beyond to protect animals on flights

A new certification reinforces Air Canada’s unparalleled commitment to the welfare of live animals, reassuring pet parents across the...

Paws En Route

Paws en Route – the transportation experts for pets

In August 2016, Dacia Rohlehr was faced with a dilemma all pet parents fear. Her dog, Liam, was very sick, and needed to be transported...

The Trempe inquest – reducing dog bites

The Trempe Inquest: 35 recommendations to reduce dog bites

In April of 1998, eight-year-old Courtney Trempe was killed by a neighbour’s Bull Mastiff in Stouffville, Ontario. As a result of that...

cloning your dog

How much do you know about cloning your dog?

Curious about cloning? This once-controversial process is becoming increasingly commonplace. Most pet parents agree that dogs’...

growing pains

Does your puppy have growing pains?

Did you know dogs can have growing pains? If you are a new puppy owner and have noticed symptoms of pain in your pup, they may be going...

rio 2016

Protecting Animals at Rio 2016 Olympics

International charity, World Animal Protection and the Organizing Committee for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games have announced a...

dog on the beach

Safety tips for the beach

Being able to take your dog the beach is a privilege. Good manners and attention to safety from both of you will ensure you’re always...

ospca graphic

OSPCA Underequipped Study Finds

Brock labour expert releases first study of OSPCA animal cruelty investigation work in Ontario. Enforcement officers with the Ontario...

Take your dog to work day

Take your dog to work day

In celebration of Take Your Dog To Work Day, here are seven tips to ensure a peaceful, productive day of humane and canine camaraderie. 1....

queen victoria

Queen Victoria and her dogs

Queen Victoria, is perhaps best remembered for being the longest reigning monarch in British history, but did you know she was also a...

social media dachshunds

Social Media is going to the Dachshunds!

Dachshunds may be small, but don’t let their size fool you. These little pooches have taken Canadian social media by storm. From...