Use this handy translator to determine some of the more common terms and acronyms:


Reg’d Means a kennel name is registered with an accepted registry
Perm. Reg’d Means a kennel is permanently registered


BAER Brain Auditory Evoked Response. Measure the brain wave activity that occurs in response to clicks or certain tones. Certifies hearing.
CERF Canine Eye Registration Foundation. Tracks and records ocular diseases in dogs and maintains databases on known conditions and pre-dispositions. Certifies vision.
Genotype Refers to a dog in the sense of his genetic composition
HD Hip dysplasia is affected by heredity and environmental factors. Sires and dams in breeds known for HD should be X-rayed clear
OFFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Tracks and records information pertaining to genetic and orthopedic diseases.
Phenotype Refers to the collective appearance of a dog, based on physical and psychological traits
PennHlP The University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program.
Performed by veterinarians specially trained in the procedure. This method determines hip joint laxity, which can then be used to predict the likelihood of an individual developing hip dysplasia.

TSH Thyroid stimulating hormone – a test to determine hypothyroidism
vWD von Willebrand’s disease – a bleeding disorder that affects some breeds


AKC American Kennel Club (U.S.-based)
ARBA American Rare Breeds Association: the American equivalent to CRBA.
CBCA Canadian Border Collie Association
CKC Canadian Kennel Club
CRBA Canadian Rare Breeds Association
FCI Fédération Cynologique Internationale (Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Australia)
UKC United Kennel Club


BIF Best in Field – the top coursing hound at a trial
BIS Best in Show – the best dog at a conformation show
BISS Best in Specialty Show – the best dog at a specialty show
BPIS Best Puppy in Show – the best puppy at a conformation show
HIT High in Trial – the best performer at an obedience trial


CGC Canine Good Citizen – determines if a dog is well trained and obedient in public
TT Temperament Tested – shows if a dog has stable temperament