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The healing effects of music

Sound is a major factor of our surroundings, especially in today’s loud, fast-paced world. Noise pollution can create stress for both...


Stress and your dog’s behaviour

Stress and tension can be as much an issue for dogs as for humans. By understanding what’s causing his stress, you can be better...

flower essences

Flower essences for hypersensitivity in dogs

“We have a 12-year-old pit bull and our veterinarian said you might be able to help,” Marcie anxiously told me. “Kelly gets really...

Does your dog have storm phobia?

Does your dog have storm phobia?

A beautiful summer afternoon can take a terrifying turn for dogs with storm phobia. While some don’t turn a hair at thunder and...

flower essences for stressed dogs

Helping your anxious dog with flower essences

Modern life is full of things that can make a dog nervous. From the constant assault of noise on sensitive ears to the overwhelming sights...

handling your anxious dog

Handling your anxious dog

Valerie was delighted with her new canine companion, a young beagle cross she dubbed Mitch. But her delight turned to dismay one day when...

Does your dog display these calming signals?

You’ve slept in and are running late. You’ve let Rover into the backyard to relieve himself and now you really need him to come in so...

do dogs relieve anxiety?

How dogs reduce stress and anxiety

As the pace of life intensifies, making time for yourself becomes more important than ever. Here’s where Fido can help. It’s an...

music for dogs

Music to heal your pets

In human beings, music has been found to ease depression, lower blood pressure, and reduce the need for pain medication after surgery. And...