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how dogs that detect disease can help humans

How dogs that detect disease can help humans

For years, dogs have used their amazing sense of smell to help with tasks ranging from bomb detection to rescue operations. But some...


The big C: top 5 causes of cancer

Of all diseases that can strike our dogs, cancer is one of the most feared. In southwestern Ontario alone, human cancer has increased by...

camel milk for dogs

Camel milk for dogs

When you think of camels, you probably think of the desert. These humped dromedaries are well-adapted to dry, harsh environments and have...

cancer in dogs

Two views on dog cancer

Homeopathy, along with new discoveries in conventional medicine, are coming to similar conclusions about how to more effectively treat...

cancer in dogs

Signs of cancer in animals

Unlike humans, dogs and cats can’t tell us when something’s wrong, so it’s up to us to keep an eye on their health and pay attention...

antioxidants for dogs with cancer

Antioxidants in animal cancer treatment

They’re crucial to good health, but some vets feel they interfere with conventional cancer treatments. Find out why, and how an...

lipomas in dogs

Lumps & bumps: lipomas in dogs

As animals age, it’s very common for them to develop various lumps and bumps. In most cases, these are benign (not cancerous) nodules,...

living with a cancer-stricken dog

Living with a cancer-stricken animal

“I’m sorry, but she has cancer.” More and more people are hearing these words from their veterinarians these days. I heard them three...

cancer treatments for dogs

Conventional and complementary cancer treatments for dogs

Talk to any animal lover, and chances are you’ll find that most have at one time or another had to cope with cancer in their canine or...


Alternative cancer treatments for dogs

Despite all the technology used in the “war against cancer,” the disease is still feared. It seems completely unpredictable and appears...