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dog coat

Dog coat shopping

Shopping for a dog coat can sometimes be a daunting tasks. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect balance between quality, fit and...

9-step health check

9-step health check

Monitor your dog’s well-being by adding a quick and simple health check to his grooming routine. Regular veterinary exams are vital to...


Top 10 foods for skin & coat

Keep your dog’s skin and coat looking and feeling good with these power-packed whole foods. It’s okay to add a little variety to...


Biotin for your dog’s skin

Could your dog’s skin problems be the result of a biotin deficiency? Healthier skin and a younger-looking body. These are just two of...


DIY dog grooming

Rover just got back from the groomer. Given that extra spring in his step, you can tell he feels great. Everyone in the household raves...