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Glutathione for your dog’s health

Mention antioxidants, and most people think of vitamin C or beta carotene. But there are other, less commonly known antioxidants that are...

human foods for dogs

Dos & don’ts of human foods for dogs

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, your dog may have a hard time resisting the delicious aromas and flavors. But know that while...

leaky gut syndrome in dogs

Dogs with leaky gut syndrome

Bella was losing weight uncontrollably after treatment for gastritis and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. She had been treated with...

dealing with parasites in animals

Understanding animal parasites

Intestinal parasites are a common problem in our animal companions. Depending on the type of worm and the age of the host, their impact...


8 tips for dog dental hygiene

Periodontal disease is any inflammation or infection of the teeth, gums, or related structures. It’s caused by a number of bacteria and...