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The healing effects of music

Sound is a major factor of our surroundings, especially in today’s loud, fast-paced world. Noise pollution can create stress for both...

hydrotherapy for dogs

Hydrotherapy – water healing for dogs

Hydrotherapy or “water healing” in Greek, benefits dogs the same way it does humans. Hydrotherapy for dogs has gained a lot of...

canine rehabilitation

At-home rehabilitation for your dog

When a sick or elderly family member comes home from the hospital, a home health care worker may visit your house to make sure the space is...

acupuncture for cushings disease in dogs

All about acupuncture For dogs

Coco is a five-year-old poodle cross who had a prolapsed intervertebral disc. Even after surgery, her prognosis was poor, and her family...

vibrational therapy for canine healing

Heal your dog with vibrational therapy

We often take our hearing for granted, and may not realize the effects different sounds have on us and our dogs. Various sounds illicit...

heal your dog with aloe vera

Healing your dog with Aloe Vera

The incredible aloe vera offers multiple benefits. This family of plants has over 200 varieties; Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller is of the...

Top 10 herbs for your dog

Adding herbs to your dog’s diet can have a tremendous impact on his health and wellbeing. Here are ten great herbs you can grow...

music for dogs

Music to heal your pets

In human beings, music has been found to ease depression, lower blood pressure, and reduce the need for pain medication after surgery. And...