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growing pains

Does your puppy have growing pains?

Did you know dogs can have growing pains? If you are a new puppy owner and have noticed symptoms of pain in your pup, they may be going...

canine osteoarthritis

Treating canine osteoarthritis in 6 steps

Arthritis is the leading cause of chronic pain in dogs. A multifaceted healing plan that draws on a range of therapies offers the most...

treating canine osteoarthritis

The latest treatments for canine osteoarthritis

If your older dog or cat seems stiff and sore at times, he’s far from alone. Canine osteoarthritis (arthritis) is an extremely common...

integrative therapies for animals

An integrative approach to animal healing

If your dog or cat is diagnosed with allergies, diabetes or cancer, you may think you only have two choices – to either get conventional...

canine arthritis

Treating canine arthritis without steroids

Combining nutritional supplements for long-term control and healing, and conventional therapy for immediate pain relief is a truly holistic...