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Stress and your dog’s behaviour

Stress and tension can be as much an issue for dogs as for humans. By understanding what’s causing his stress, you can be better...


Tips for bathing your dog

Some dogs love having a bath; to them, it’s just another romp in the water. Others tremble and whine, shivering pitifully or struggling...

stress-free halloween for your dog

A stress-free Halloween for your dog

Halloween is just around the corner and your home will soon be bombarded with hungry trick-or-treaters. Depending on your dog or cat, it...

Does your dog have storm phobia?

Does your dog have storm phobia?

A beautiful summer afternoon can take a terrifying turn for dogs with storm phobia. While some don’t turn a hair at thunder and...

flower essences for stressed dogs

Helping your anxious dog with flower essences

Modern life is full of things that can make a dog nervous. From the constant assault of noise on sensitive ears to the overwhelming sights...

handling your anxious dog

Handling your anxious dog

Valerie was delighted with her new canine companion, a young beagle cross she dubbed Mitch. But her delight turned to dismay one day when...

lupus in dogs

All about dogs with lupus

In my many years of caring for rescue dogs, I’ve encountered some unusual canine ailments. But there’s one I’d never heard of until...

PTSD in dogs

Dogs with PTSD

Lisa and her husband were out when a tornado struck their town and partially destroyed their home. But their dog Pete was alone in the...

holistic first aid kit for dogs

How to make a holistic first aid kit for your dog

While it’s important to have a conventional first aid kit containing bandages and antiseptic solutions, it’s also wise to put together...

animal communication

Can animal communication help your pet?

Take a look at how animal communication can help dogs and cats overcome behavioural issues. Shayne is a five-year-old female American...