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caring for your senior dog

7 tips to care for your senior dog

Is your dog a senior citizen? Like us, dogs tend to develop age-related conditions as they grow older. Not all dogs age at the same pace....


The Big C: Top 5 Causes of Cancer

Of all diseases that can strike our dogs, cancer is one of the most feared. In southwestern Ontario alone, human cancer has increased by...

trust fund for your pet

Setting up a pet trust

Nearly 70% of households have at least one animal, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. This statistic proves...

supplements for senior dogs

Senior animals & supplements

Along with an optimum diet, adequate exercise and lots of loving attention, the use of appropriate supplements makes it possible for us to...

senior dog health

11 steps to graceful canine aging

Is Rover slowing down? Is his hearing not as sharp as it used to be? Maybe he’s eating less, struggling with the stairs, or having a...