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puppy advice from the experts

Puppy advice from the experts

Advice from a breeder – do your research! by Stephanie Horan So you want to buy a puppy – good for you! Nothing completes a household...

growing pains

Does your puppy have growing pains?

Did you know dogs can have growing pains? If you are a new puppy owner and have noticed symptoms of pain in your pup, they may be going...

integrative veterinary care for your pet

Integrative veterinary care for your animal

When it comes to veterinary care, there are a growing number of options available. Some people choose to go completely holistic. Others...

veterinary world

What’s new in the veterinary world

Next time you take your dog or cat to the veterinarian, you might be surprised at some of the medical options he or she can offer you. Just...

Switching your animal from a conventional to holistic vet

Making the decision to switch from a conventional to an integrative or holistic veterinarian is pretty easy. You want the best care for...

holistic vet for animals

Benefits of a holistic vet for your animals

Surprisingly, there are many people who are seriously committed to green living, holistic healthcare and the organic lifestyle, but who...

be a good vet patient

Be a good vet patient

The dogs we share our lives with are more than just “pets”. Along with a healthy diet, adequate exercise and lots of love, your canine...

choosing a veterinarian for your dog

How to choose a veterinarian for your dog

A veterinarian observed that his own fifteen-year-old cat had a slightly decreased appetite and a tiny bit of weight loss. When blood...