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butt scooting: anal gland problems in dogs

Butt scooting: why anal gland problems are such a drag

Chances are you’ve seen a dog butt scooting along the floor. But do you know why he’s doing it? Anal gland infection, irritation...

9-step health check

9-step health check

Monitor your dog’s well-being by adding a quick and simple health check to his grooming routine. Regular veterinary exams are vital to...


How to turn around a fussy eater

Fussy dogs can drive us crazy. We might try 20 different foods, we beg and cajole…but sometimes nothing seems to work. While most dogs...


Fitness with your dog

You’re a couch potato and you readily admit it. Sure, you have a gym membership, but you can’t remember the last time you used it....

weight issues in dogs

Manage your dog’s weight without pills

Weight is a major health concern in dogs. Just as millions of Americans are overweight, so are our canine companions. Approximately 20% to...

obesity in dogs

Addressing obesity in animals

Obesity is a severe and debilitating illness, and the most common nutritional disease in both animals and people. Estimates suggest that up...