Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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hero dogs

Hero Dogs

They put in long hours, sometimes in difficult or dangerous conditions, for no pay. They’re focused, hard-working and loyal. They bring joy and help...
10 ways to build a bond with your puppy

10 ways to build a bond with your puppy

Establishing a healthy bond from the start will ensure a meaningful friendship that lasts a lifetime. Forging a healthy bond with a new puppy is...
interpret dog barks

How to interpret dog barks

Barking is an important part of canine communication. Many people interpret dog barks as a threatening sound, meaning something like, “Back off, I bite!”...

Winter walks with your dog

Going for a stroll in the snow with your dog? Be sure to keep him comfy and safe. There’s something exciting about the first snowfall....
train your puppy

6 things every puppy should know

Congratulations – you've welcomed a new puppy into your home! Now it's time to train him... Are you ready to shape your puppy into a...