Matching scarves for posh mom and pup pairs

Matching Scarves for Posh Mom and Pup Pairs

Haute Couture for Canine Companions and Their Moms

You know your dog has as much style as you do, so why is it so hard to find classy, elegant accessories for your pup?

For one thing, so many of the bandanas on the market are made from uncomfortable synthetic fabrics. What’s worse, most of them come in tasteless or boring patterns that don’t complement your pup’s natural flair. You wouldn’t wear these fabrics or patterns, and we don’t think your dog should have to either.

Enter Dogily scarves. Most dog accessories aim for cuteness, but a Dogily scarf is high fashion for our canine friends. And more importantly, these high-quality silk scarves double as accessories that you can wear to create a stunning twinning style with your dog.

Silk Collection Scarves and Scrunchies Are Perfect for Any Occasion

Dogily’s twinning silk collection includes chic square scarves, hair scarves, and scrunchies. Wear one of the stylish square scarves as a headscarf, or tie it around your neck for the perfect accessory. Available in medium and large, you can fashion a Dogily scarf into a trendsetting bandana for your pup too. These magnificent, high-quality accessories are hand-stitched and hand-hemmed with complete care and precision.

The hair scarves are also interchangeable between you and your fur baby. Tie back your hair into a fashionable loose ponytail or wrap the scarf around a bun. Your dog can sport a similar design too!

The scrunchies have a classic design that’s great for keeping your hair in a bun, tying a ponytail, or even finishing off a braid. But unlike inexpensive, low-quality scrunchies, Dogily scrunchies are handcrafted from silk twill. Even better, they’re gentle on hair and won’t snap or cause knots or breaks.

You can purchase the accessories separately or opt for a bundle set that includes all three accessories.

Mom and Pup Silk Scarves Elevate Any Look

The silk collection scarves and scrunchies come in three attractive patterns that match your most on-trend outfits. Whether you’re going for a stroll at the dog park or hitting the town with your four-legged friend, there’s a perfect pattern for your needs, including the:

  • Upscale elegant leopard print Tyra
  • Classic two-tone diagonal stripe Serene
  • Sophisticated plaid Collins

These exquisite patterns are great for dressing up or down during any season, and they can complement endless outfits and styles.

Be the Envy of All Your Friends with Dogily’s Silk Scarves

Silk has long been one of the most prestigious fabrics in the world. It’s delicate and lightweight yet strong and durable, making it ideal for playful pups and graceful moms.

Unlike synthetic dog accessories, Dogily’s scarves are made of soft and breathable natural silk, which is also biodegradable for a happier planet. What’s more, you can help extend the life of your twin mom and pup scarves with these silk care tips.

Check out Dogily today to see their matching mom and dog silk collection bundle sets, as well as their pet tags, jewelry, and more!


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