Tilt the Health Scales in Your Dog’s Favour with Farm Fresh Dog Food

Take advantage of the superior nutrition offered by fresh dog food

Once upon a time, back on the farm, people and pups lived off the land. The work was hard, but the life was good. And come dinner time? Well, that was a delicious, nutritious feast of farm fresh ingredients – in dinner plate and dog bowl – designed to satisfy a hearty appetite and fuel another day of farm life. Of course, you don’t have to live on a farm, nor does your dog have to be a working dog, to take advantage of fresh dog food and the superior nutrition offered by locally sourced ingredients you can pronounce.

Thanks to Tilted Barn Pet Co. you can add all that earthy farming goodness to your dog’s diet with none of the hard labour. Their fresh cooked dog food and range of Canadian Beef, Bacon and Lamb treats use simple ingredients sourced straight from Canadian Prairie farms, for dog food that offers high quality, all natural, wholesome goodness. In other words, it’s perfect for discerning pup parents who want to add a farm fresh tilt to their pet’s nutrition.

But why this emphasis on sourcing from farms, why the Canadian prairies, and why the name Tilted Barn Pet Co.? It’s all connected, and it’s all designed to give your dog the best nutrition possible.

Sourcing matters

Tilted Barn Pet Co. was started by a Canadian ranching family who wanted to make sure their hard-working cattle dogs were getting the best quality nutrition possible. Their top priorities? To create pet food products with:

  1. Thoughtfully chosen ingredients that are fresh, nutritional, functional, sustainable, and ethical.
  2. Thoughtfully chosen ingredients you know and can pronounce.
  3. Thoughtfully chosen ingredients grown on Canadian farms.

Working with an animal nutritionist at the University of Saskatchewan, they created a line of pet treats and cooked dog food, using real, whole foods to provide all the nutrients needed by a dog. It was also very important to them that all the ingredients were sourced from farms close to home – supporting farmers locally, and sustainability globally.

Naming matters

That doesn’t explain the name “Tilted Barn Pet Co.” though. What’s a tilted barn got to do with (a) farms and (b) your dog? As Tilted Barn Pet Co’s co-owners Kim and Nicole explain it:

  1. A tilted barn is a Canadian Prairie beacon.
  2. All the ingredients in Tilted Barn Pet Co.’s pet food come straight from the Canadian Prairies.
  3. Ergo, the tilted barn is a beacon of the very best farm fresh goodness you can give your dog!

What’s more, there is something so sturdy and soothing about a tilted barn: often standing alone in the field, this much-loved icon of Canadian farming life tilts defiantly into the winds of change, standing strong against storms and sunlight, farming successes and failures, a beacon of hard labour, tenacity, and love of the land.

Long story short: the tilted barn is a physical symbol of all that is good… and that is exactly what you’re giving your dog when you give them Tilted Barn Pet Co. cooked food and treats.

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