For a Lifetime of Good Health, Start When They’re Puppies!


To set your puppy up for lifelong health and wellness, feed them a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, and look after their health, hygiene, and dental care!

There’s something special about bringing a puppy into your life. They’re balls of energy and goofiness that bring endless joy to our lives. But puppyhood is also a critical time in a dog’s life. These tips about diet, exercise, and health will get your pup on the road to a long, happy, healthy life!

Diet and Exercise

Throughout your dog’s life, they’ll need high-quality food that provides all the nutrients and energy they need to stay active and healthy. There are tons of options for dog foods, including kibble, canned food, raw diets, freeze-dried foods, air-dried recipes, and more. Just remember that your puppy will need specially formulated food—they have different nutrient requirements than adults.

Daily exercise will keep your pooch fit and in tip-top shape. Dogs need anywhere between half an hour and two hours of exercise each day. That can include walking, swimming, playing, running around with other pups, and more!

Exercising the Brain with Training and Play

Exercising your dog’s body is important, but you must keep their mind active and stimulated too. Obedience and behavior training are great ways to teach your pup how to act in different situations and make your life easier. Training is also good because it engages your dog’s brain. You can also stimulate your dog’s mind with play, including puzzle toys, nose work, and games.

Health and Hygiene

Your dog will have to go to a veterinarian for regular checkups, and keeping on top of these visits can help prevent health issues.

When it comes to hygiene, bathe your dog regularly (but not too often) to keep their skin and fur clean and healthy. Beyond that, you should brush their fur a couple of times per week. This eliminates knots and distributes the natural oils that protect their skin, but it’s also great for bonding. Finally, trim your pup’s nails every three to four weeks.

And then there’s dental hygiene. Dental health is critical for overall health. This is true for dogs as much as it is for humans. Neglecting oral health can lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease. That leaves your pup vulnerable to infections, tooth loss, pain, and other health problems. Get into a good oral hygiene routine early with your puppy and stick to it throughout their lives.

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