The Next Generation Dog Treat Has Arrived!


Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats aren’t your average treats. They’re nutritious delicacies for dogs that are made with love by a Canadian company that respects and honours the Earth and all its creatures.

Pet parents are bombarded with options when it comes to dog treats. It can be tough to know which ones to pick. You know it’s unwise to go with the cheapest treats because they’re probably not good for your pup. At the same time, you might not want to invest in the pricier ones because your dog may not like them.

Enter Indigenous Pet Treats! They offer the perfect balance of everything you want in a dog treat! They’re healthy, delicious, high-quality, packed with nutrients, and dog-approved! What’s more, Shades of Gray is a woman-owned, family-operated Indigenous business. That means you can feel good about supporting a local Canadian company and giving your dog the absolute best!

How Food Allergies Led to a Better Way to Feed Your Pups

Indigenous Pet Treats started with a desire to provide animals with the highest-quality treats possible. But before that, it evolved from a family farm that started when founder Keri Gray needed to find a protein source that wouldn’t trigger her daughter’s severe food allergies. The answer was rabbit, and Keri soon realized that rabbit meat had great benefits for her two-legged and four-legged family members.

Before long, Keri was raising her own rabbits at the Shades of Gray Rabbitry! Eventually, she also started selling to local butchers, grocery stores, and restaurants. But she knew that pet parents also needed their own special treats for their pups, and that’s how Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats Co. was born!

Indigenous Pet Treats Co. is certified by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, and the treats are made according to the philosophy of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan, so they:

  • Raise their rabbits humanely and ethically
  • Use every single part of the animal and don’t waste anything
  • Have eco-friendly and sustainable practices

Beyond Treats: Healthy and Nutritious Delicacies for Dogs

Indigenous Pet Treats aren’t just cookies for your dog—they’re premium, single-ingredient goodies made with high-quality Canadian meat and free of gluten, antibiotics, and artificial preservatives. In fact, you could even eat them! The raw, dehydrated treats contain 100% meat, bone, and organs, so they’re an excellent source of iron and protein.

What’s more, the unique proteins they use, including rabbit, beaver, bison, elk, and venison, are easy to digest and great for pooches with sensitive tummies, allergies, hot spots, and skin problems. They’re also good for dental hygiene because they gently scrape your dog’s teeth and can help to remove plaque.

Your dog already loves you—but they might love you a little more after they try Indigenous Pet Treats! Feed your fur family the way we feed ours. Visit Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats today and find your dog’s favourite new snack!

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