Do kids with dogs fare better than those without?

Do kids with dogs fare better than those without?

Take a look at what a new study has to say about kids that grow up with dogs. Spoiler alert: growing up with a dog is extremely beneficial!

Young children from households with dogs are less likely to experience difficulties with their emotions and social interactions compared to children without dogs, according to new research. The study, published in the journal Pediatric Research, was led by researchers at The University of Western Australia, and funded by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI).

The team of researchers collected survey data from 1,646 households, taking into account the children’s ages, biological sex, sleep habits, screen time, and parents’ education levels.

Findings indicate that dog ownership is associated with improvements in well-being and social-emotional development in kids. Specifically, children in dog-owning households were 23% less likely to have difficulties with their emotions and social interactions than children who did not own a dog. They were also 30% less likely to engage in antisocial behaviors; 40% less likely to have problems interacting with other kids; and 34% more likely to engage in considerate behaviours, such as sharing.

Just another benefit to living with a dog!

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