Making a splash with Dock Diving

dock diving

Calling all water babies! If your dog enjoys the water, Dock Diving, aka Dock Jumping, might tick all the boxes for you and your best friend.

Dock Diving simulates a fun day at the cottage, with canines leaping, jumping and soaring from a 40-foot dock into a 40-foot pool. The dogs compete to see who can bound the farthest or highest, depending on the discipline. There are four disciplines in all:

Big Air – essentially a long jump for dogs, where canines compete for the longest distance.

Extreme Vertical – basically a high jump competition for dogs. The bumper is suspended above the water. Dogs are required to “grab” or knock down the bumper.

Speed Retrieve – starting with a big jump off the dock, dogs swim to the other end of the pool to retrieve a bumper. Fastest time wins.

Iron Dog — similar to a triathlon, dogs compete in all three disciplines – Big Air, Speed Retrieve and Extreme Vertical. The goal is to achieve the highest number of points.dock diving

Where to begin

Dock Diving is easier if your dog has a natural “toy drive”. Floatable toys are permitted in the sport and essential when first teaching your dog to jump off the dock. Use your dog’s favourite floatable toy – the one she really absolutely loves – so when you throw it in the water, your dog will want to jump in after it.

As you get more experienced, you’ll find the technique that works best for you and your dog. Once your dog has mastered his part of the fun, you can take the time to perfect your own skills. After all, the pros say “it’s all in the throw”!

For more info, check out,, or search “Dock Jumping” on to see some dogs in action.

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