Nutram’s Feed4 Helps Canadians and Local Charities Through Pet Food Purchases


It’s human nature to want to help those in need—both two-legged and four-legged creatures—but not everybody has the time or resources to pitch in the way they’d like. But what if we told you that you could help just by purchasing the products you already buy regularly?

Canadian pet wellness company Nutram has created the Feed4 program to make it easier for Canadians to help other Canadians.

Nutram’s Feed4 program donates money from the sale of Nutram pet food to local charities, and that means you can help out your fellow Canadians just by buying nutritious, wholesome, locally made food for your fur baby.

Feed4 and Helping Local Charities During the Pandemic

Nutram is dedicated to providing holistic and nourishing pet food for dogs and cats. They’ve always been locally focused, and when they saw the unprecedented challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, they decided to act.

Animal shelters, food banks, mental health organizations, and other community organizations and social services do so much for our communities, but the pandemic made it harder than ever for them to provide their services to those in need—both animals and humans.

Wanting to help out fellow Canadians who were helping other Canadians, Nutram created Feed4, a program that donates $1 from the sale of each bag of Nutram pet food to a local charity.

And to ensure the program was sending money where it was needed most, Nutram asked their Canadian retailers to put forward the names of charities in their communities that needed a helping hand.

The retailers nominated charities like animal rescues, breakfast clubs, wildlife centers, animal rehabilitation organizations, community kitchens, food banks, and beyond. In 2021 alone, Nutram donated over $230,000 to local charities just like these through the Feed4 program.

You Can Support Local Animals, Farmers, Businesses, and Economies with Nutram Dog and Cat Food Purchases

Nutram has a history of helping local charities, and Feed4 wasn’t their first foray into philanthropy. In 2020, they created the Vote for Humane Kind campaign. They asked Canadians to vote for their favorite animal shelters in their communities, and Nutram donated $5,000 to the top 10 shelters.

What’s more, Nutram also sources all-Canadian ingredients for their recipes as much as possible, and they only sell through Canadian-owned businesses.

All this means that when you buy Nutram food for your dog or cat, you aren’t just supporting the Feed4 program and local charities—you’re also supporting Canadian animal shelters, farmers, and small businesses.

By keeping these dollars in local economies and creating programs like Feed4 and Vote for Humane Kind, Nutram aims to help support Canadians, their communities, and their beloved pets, all while providing delicious and healthy food for our dogs and cats.

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