Are pets good for your career?

Are pets good for your career?

A recent survey of 850 working professionals indicates that the path to career success is paved with pets!

According to the survey, conducted by Kelton Research, a resounding 93% of these successful executives grew up with an animal companion. They say that being around animals taught them valuable life lessons, including responsibility, empathy and creativity, which has helped them thrive in their careers.

  • 78% attribute their success, in part, to growing up with a pet
  • 62% believe their animal buddies have a positive impact on their ability to build relationships with coworkers and clients
  • 24% said their childhood pets taught them more valuable lessons than their first internships
  • 77% claimed they came up with a business idea while walking their dogs
  • 80% of those surveyed said they feel more connected to colleagues with pets
  • 79% believe that colleagues with pets are hard workers