Protect your dog from the elements

Protect your dog from the elements

All the outdoor gear you need to protect your Canadian pup from the elements of nature!

Canadians love to spend time outdoors with their dogs. But whether you live in Newfoundland, British Columbia or anywhere in between, battling the weather and adapting to the changing seasons in our country can feel like a full-time job! Having the right gear makes that job so much easier, and helps both of you enjoy the splendour of the Great White North all year round!

For Winter

The perfect fleece for your fur babe

The Shed Defender Winter Fleece is a onesie made from a premium French fleece fabric that protects your pup from the winter elements. Designed to provide warmth and prevent your dog’s hair from freezing into ice balls, the onesie is a polyester and spandex blend that’s as soft as a fleece blanket, but stretches to allow your dog to run and play freely on winter walks. It provides warmth and snow protection without the bulk!

Keep him warm & cozy

The Extreme Warmer from Hurtta is very possibly the warmest dog-coat available. From well-mannered walks to doggy-style roaming, this soft, breathable, waterproof coat and its body heat-reflecting inner layer protects Canadian dogs from the chill of the winter season.

No more cold feet!

Do your dog’s paws get chilly on walks? Maybe the salt or snow irritates his pads, causing him to limp? If so, he needs boots! Look for a waterproof set that will keep his feet dry as well as warm, and be sure to check the company’s return policy before committing. Comfort is important when it comes to footwear, so if they don’t fit him right, swap them out for another pair!

An all-natural salve for his paw pads

Help protect and moisturize your dog’s paws with Paw Stick – the lickably safe formula from LifeFORCE Pet Health. This Canadian-made moisturizer provides a protective barrier against snow, salt and ice, and helps heal dried and cracking pads. Made with a natural blend of coconut oil, vitamin E and pure essential oils, this handy stick is a must-have for the winter season. And you can use it in the summer too!


Keep the rain off

There’s nothing worse than the smell of wet dog! Not only are doggie raincoats super cute – they’re also the perfect way to keep your pup dry and warm on those rainy spring days. You’ll still have to towel-dry his legs after walks, but the rest of his body will be waterless and mud-free! Look for a coat that’s made of high-quality water resistant material. It should be light and breathable, and shouldn’t hinder his movement.

Stop ticks in their tracks

Ticks have been making their way north for several years now. If you don’t want to use chemicals, look for a natural tick product to protect your pup! Some companies are formulating pet-friendly bug repellent using essential oils — a much safer alternative to DEET. If you can’t find a brand that works for your canine companion, consider making your own!

Protect his eyes with doggie goggles

Have you heard of Rex Specs dog goggles? If not, you’re missing out! This protective eyewear is ideal for dogs of all sizes – from Great Danes to Dachshunds. Designed to stand up to the rigors experienced by military working dogs, the durable goggles are popular among outdoor enthusiasts and those with active pups. Use them to protect your dog’s eyes against UVA/UVB rays and sticks, dirt and debris while chasing squirrels or hanging his head out of car windows. Doggie goggles are ideal for use all year round!


Shield his skin

Believe it or not, dogs can get sunburns too! Protect your pup from the sun’s harsh rays by investing in some all-natural sunscreen formulated for canines. If he’s got a thick, protective coat, rub it on his nose where the hair is thinner. For dogs with sparser hair, apply more liberally! This will prevent the uncomfortable sting of a sunburn, and may even protect him against skin cancer.

Keep bugs at bay

Bug spray for dogs has become a common investment among pet parents… and for good reason! With all the diseases insects carry (not to mention the itch or sting they leave behind), spritzing your pup with a repellent is more important than ever. Look for an all-natural brand formulated for canines, or make your own bug-busting blend out of dog-friendly essential oils!

Break the heat with a bandana

During the long, hot stretch of summer, tying a damp bandana around your pup’s neck can help bring him some cool relief. Reach for one made of quality material that’ll stand the test of time, and be sure to dry the bandana between uses so it doesn’t start to smell!

Invest in a life vest!

Every water-loving pup should own a doggie lifejacket! Even great swimmers like Labs and Retrievers get tired after a full day in the water, so these handy devices are a great safety net to have on hand. Perfect for the cottage, the boat and the beach, a lifejacket will give him confidence, and you peace of mind. Look for one with a handle in case you have to hoist him up, and make sure it’s not too big or small.


Sweater weather!

As the leaves start to change colour and the temperature starts to drop, there’s nothing quite as comforting as a wool sweater. Keep your pup as cozy (and stylish) as you with a chunky knit. Great for strolls, days out on the town, and trips to the pumpkin patch, a good sweater is a timeless garment he can wear for years to come!

Light the way

An LED or florescent collar and leash is a must as the days get shorter in the fall. These devices make your dog more visible between dusk and dawn, reducing his risk of getting into trouble during these times. While you shouldn’t let your dog wander off-leash outside daylight hours, a lit collar will help you keep an eye on him in the yard when he goes out for potty breaks at night, and will help safeguard against him escaping.

The perfect car blanket

Spend a lot of time on the road? As the chilly weather moves in, it’s a good idea to throw a blanket in the back of your car. Look for one that’s cozy and heavy duty, like the Cloudpuff Blankie by Sleepypod. Made with ultra-soft plush and a durable, microfibre suede backing, it’s the perfect option for pets. When it gets dirty, just toss it in the washing machine!

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