Feed Your Dog a Truly Balanced Diet with Protein Rotation


A rotation diet provides your dog with a variety of protein sources, ensuring a wholesome diet that encourages digestive and immune health. Tilted Barn cooked food and pet treats make it easy to rotate your pup’s proteins regularly.

Companion animals rely on their pet parents for healthy, nutritious foods. But did you know that protein rotation is an important part of a balanced diet for many dogs? A rotation diet gives your dog an assortment of nourishing food and promotes digestion and immune health—and it’s also the way dogs were meant to eat!

The Basics of a Rotation Diet

Protein rotation is the practice of regularly switching your dog’s protein source. Some of the most common examples of protein sources for dogs are:

  • Beef
  • Turkey
  • Salmon
  • Lamb
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Rabbit
  • Duck

How often you change your dog’s protein is a personal choice. Some people switch daily while others prefer weekly or monthly. A lot of pet parents find that it’s easiest to rotate proteins every time they finish a bag or batch of food.

3 Reasons to Switch Up Your Dog’s Diet

Even if your dog doesn’t complain about eating the same thing every day, they’ll still thank you for introducing variety into their diets for these three reasons:

  1. Nutrition: One of the most important reasons to use a rotation diet is to ensure your pup is getting all the nutrients they need to stay active, healthy, and happy. Feeding your dog a variety of proteins will give them the nutritional benefits that different foods offer. For example, beef is a great source of iron and vitamin B6 while pork contains all the essential amino acids.
  2. Digestion: Similarly, variety is the key to healthy gut flora, which in turn will keep your dog’s digestive system working properly and promote a healthy immune system.
  3. Nature: Another thing that a lot of dog guardians like is that a rotation diet is a more natural way for your dog to eat. Your pup’s wild relatives and ancestors eat a varied diet based on what they can hunt or scavenge, so their protein sources change regularly.

Rotation Diets Made Easy with Tilted Barn Pet Co.

Tilted Barn Pet Company makes high-quality, fully cooked dog food and dog treats made with 100% natural Canadian ingredients that provide your pup with nutritious food that’s 100% delicious!

The fully cooked foods are ready-to-serve, complete meals that come in convenient 1-pound packages, so it’s simple to rotate proteins as often as you like. The Beef and Oatmeal and Pork and Oatmeal recipes are chock-full of wholesome goodness that will have your dog’s mouth watering for every meal. Just make sure you introduce new foods slowly to avoid tummy upset!

There are also three delicious treat recipes to complement the cooked meals: Canadian Beef, Canadian Bacon, and Canadian lamb, all made without fillers, by-products, or preservatives.

Visit Tilted Barn Pet Co. today to see your dog’s favorite new food and treats!

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