Social Media is going to the Dachshunds!

social media dachshunds

Dachshunds may be small, but don’t let their size fool you. These little pooches have taken Canadian social media by storm.

From earning best blog awards to having hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook, the Dachshunds are making a big impression.

Doxie Blog Earns Top Honours


Need a good laugh? Check out Crusoe the Celebrity Dachschund – the top dog in Canadian social media! This lovable Doxie is known for donning costumes and acting out adventures in his Vine and youtube videos. He and his brother, Oakley, get into all sorts of excitement on camera, including fighting crime and saving the world. You can read all about it on Crusoe’s blog, which won best pet blog at the 2013 and 2014 weblog awards (bloggies).

Follow the Dachshunds on Facebook


You can join over say hi to Crusoe at page that has over 80,000 fans. And Crusoe isn’t the only one who’s popular; his body Rusty Ru Ru has a page, as well, with over 11,000 fans and counting! Rusty came from the Montreal SPCA in June of 2011, and was sitting on “death row” until he was rescued in the nick of time. He loves to steal socks and makes holes in any blankets he can get his little teeth into. You can catch all his silly antics at

Canadian Wiener Festivals


There are several Dachshund festivals that happen across Canada, such as the Wienerfest Home County Festival. Their spokes dog, Blue, was found in a dumpster, thrown away like trash, but now he’s the star of the show. The next event is happening on June 20th 2015 in Embro, Ontario. You can also catch Blue and other Dachshund friends at

These are just a handful of the many examples of Canada’s famous Doxies. With their cute little feet, wagging tails, and soft floppy ears, can you blame us for being fans? They may be small, but Dachshunds sure pack a lot of love.