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hydrotherapy for dogs

Hydrotherapy – water healing for dogs

Hydrotherapy or “water healing” in Greek, benefits dogs the same way it does humans. Hydrotherapy for dogs has gained a lot of...

Lyme disease: protecting your dog

Transmitted by infected tick bites (not by other dogs or humans), Lyme Disease is very serious for dogs. It has many outcomes, including...

caring for your senior dog

7 tips to care for your senior dog

Is your dog a senior citizen? Like us, dogs tend to develop age-related conditions as they grow older. Not all dogs age at the same pace....

canine joints

Help for aching joints

Diet, supplements, and other therapies work together to reduce the pain and inflammation of aching joints. Like people, dogs often develop...


Animal arthritis

We all know someone with arthritis, whether it’s a human friend or family member, or an animal companion. But if asked to describe what...


7 steps to beat osteoarthritis in dogs

If your dog has osteoarthritis, he has lots of company. It’s the most common joint disease in canines. One in every five dogs older than...

supplements for dog's with arthritis

Natural supplements for dogs with arthritis

Many dogs develop arthritis as they age and it can be just as debilitating and painful for them as it is for us. The discomfort and...

bone problems in dogs

Treating bone problems in dogs

Most of us take our bones for granted – until we break one or develop a painful condition like arthritis or osteoporosis. We also tend to...

herbs for dogs

5 herbs for animal arthritis

Herbs have a firmly established place in alternative medicine. Used properly, they can help treat a wide range of conditions in dogs. The...

canine osteoarthritis

Treating canine osteoarthritis in 6 steps

Arthritis is the leading cause of chronic pain in dogs. A multifaceted healing plan that draws on a range of therapies offers the most...

treating canine osteoarthritis

The latest treatments for canine osteoarthritis

If your older dog or cat seems stiff and sore at times, he’s far from alone. Canine osteoarthritis (arthritis) is an extremely common...

osteoarthritis in dogs

Understanding osteoarthritis in dogs

When Lynnette’s eight-year-old German shepherd started limping on one front leg, she took him to the vet and found out he had...