Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Chadklier Perm. Reg’d

Chadklier Perm. Reg’d. James Reath (519) 287-2770; reathjj@gmail.com;  www.chadklierbulldogs.com

Delenclos Bulldogs

Delenclos Perm Reg’d, Knut & Christine Pelzer. Since 1995. Selective breeding from top Canadian and American bloodlines. Home of grand champions with Best in...

Hoyas Reg’d

Attard, Darina, Hoya’s Reg’d. Healthy home raised puppies available sometimes to forever loving homes. Each raised with individual love and attention and to the...

Macarols Bullies

Macarols Bulldogs, Carol Law. Bulldogs have been our passion since 1975! Our Bulldogs are bred strictly for the Bulldog Standard, Health and Temperament! We...


Exercise: Grooming: Appearance: Personality With his history as a fighting dog, the Bulldog’s kind and gentle personality might come as a surprise. He is a loving...