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Bulldog Breed Description

Appearance: 12-16" (30-40 cm) 40-55 lb (18-25 kg) Short, straight flat coat. Brindle, piebald, red, fawn, fallow, white.

BPIG CH MACAROLS BUTTERSCOTCH SUNDAE. Bulldogs our passion since 1975! Bulldog QUALITY, never Quantity~ HOF Bloodlines! Bred/Owned by Carol Law, Macarols Bullies


With his history as a fighting dog, the Bulldog’s kind and gentle personality might come as a surprise. He is a loving pet who craves his family’s attention. Though protective in nature, he loves children and usually gets along well with other family pets. Overall he is an easy-going dog who quickly charms with his steady temperament and friendly face.


Truly a symbol of Britain, many believe the Bulldog dates back to the Molossian dog brought there by the Phoenicians in the 6th century BC. Others suggest the breed descended from a butcher’s dog called the Alaunt. Wherever he originated, the Bulldog is the result of centuries of breeding for bull-baiting. While the breed’s features may seem unusual compared with those of many other dogs, each characteristic was specifically chosen to make him the premier fighter in the bull-baiting ring. After bull-baiting was banned in the 1800s, the breed lost popularity and might have died out if a group of concerned breeders hadn’t worked together to save it. The first Bulldog club was formed in 1864; it defined the breed and began efforts to preserve it. Now the breed, also known as the English Bulldog, is a kind companion and a symbol of courage and tenacity.

Bulldog Breeders:

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Healthy home raised puppies available sometimes to forever loving homes. Each raised with individual love and attention and to the highest British standard. Our puppies are strictly sold on CKC Non-Breeding contracts. Home of some of the best champion bloodlines from UK.

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