Standard Schnauzer


Standard Schnauzer Breed Description

Appearance: 17-20” (43-51 cm) 35-45 lb (15-21 kg) Dense, wiry outer coat with softer undercoat and prominent eyebrows and beard. Solid black or pepper and salt.

Photo courtesy of Steinhaus Reg’d


This hearty dog is the oldest of the Schnauzer breeds, hailing from as far back as 14th century Germany. A working dog, the Standard Schnauzer’s primary purpose was to guard carts on the way to market, and serve as a multi-purpose farm dog. He became known for his speed and intelligence when herding livestock, and a keen sense of smell that was ideal for hunting vermin.

The breed was brought to North America after the end of World War I. At that point, he was still known as the Wire-haired Pinscher due to his distinctive, wiry coat – perhaps a result of being crossed with other coarse-haired breeds like the grey Wolfspitz and black German Poodle. But by the 20th century, he was largely recognized for his distinguished “schauze” – the German word for snout – and became the Schnauzer as he’s known today.


While this breed is still valued for his robust nature, he makes a loyal family companion who thrives in a variety of lifestyles. Energetic and highly intelligent, the Schnauzer loves to be part of the action and prefers to be surrounded by all members of his family. His patience and sense of humour make him a good companion for children, so long as they’re taught to respect his space. It is best to train Schnauzers from a young age to direct their natural confidence.

Standard Schnauzer Breeders:

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