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As published in Canadian Dogs Annual
23-27.5" (58-70cm) 75-120 lbs (34-54.5 kg) Straight, harsh outer coat; short, dense undercoat; any colour is acceptable.

Akita History

The regal Akita is the largest Japanese Spitz breed and has been around for approximately 300 years. He is related to the Ainu and the Shiba Inu, and comes from a region of northern Japan of the same name. He was originally used to hunt large game like bear, deer and boar. In 1931, the breed was declared a national monument worthy of careful preservation. The first Akita arrived in North America in 1937 with Helen Keller, who was given one on a visit to Japan. But it wasn’t until after World War II when soldiers stationed in Japan brought a large number of Akitas home with them that the breed really gained popularity in North America.


The Akita is dignified, fearless and very loyal to his owner. He likes to dominate other dogs and is reserved with people he doesn’t know. An alert, quiet dog who only barks occasionally, he makes a good family companion, but he’s also active, powerful and athletic and needs lots of outdoor exercise.

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Akita Breeders