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The Big C: Top 5 Causes of Cancer

Of all diseases that can strike our dogs, cancer is one of the most feared. In southwestern Ontario alone, human cancer has increased by...

antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial Resistance In Dogs

It’s getting a lot of media attention these days. From news articles to health websites, the issue of antibiotic resistance is causing a...

dog nose

The nose knows: what your dog’s nose can tell you

“Molly’s nose is cold and wet, so she must be in good health.” A lot of people believe the texture and temperature of a...

health problems in dogs

5 most common health problems in dogs

Using natural home remedies to treat our own minor ailments can help foster a deeper knowledge of wellness while reducing medical costs....

West Nile and your dog

West Nile & your animals

Jessie Brand’s house backs onto a wooded ravine. When the weather is good, she loves to sit outside, listening to the soothing sounds of...