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The dos and don’ts of taking your dog to the groomer

Taking your dog to a groomer is a great way to keep him looking and feeling his best. But while every groomer is different, there’s a...

caring for your senior dog

7 tips to care for your senior dog

Is your dog a senior citizen? Like us, dogs tend to develop age-related conditions as they grow older. Not all dogs age at the same pace....

create a proactive grooming plan

How to create a proactive grooming plan

This 11 step grooming plan will help you to maintain your companions coat at home in between visits to the groomers. When I welcome a new...


Reduce your dog’s shedding

One evening, I was at an exercise class when someone came up behind me and began brushing down the back of my dark blue T-shirt. “You...


Groom your dog like the pros

Have you ever picked up your dog from the groomer and wished you could reproduce those same wonderful results at home? Your professional...


The Truth About Bathing Your Dog

People frequently ask me how often they should bathe their dogs. Unfortunately, many still believe the old wive’s tale that says you...


Healthy ears for a healthy dog

Did you know your dog’s ears can influence her health? It’s true. Breeds with upright ears are less prone to dirt accumulation and...


DIY dog grooming

Rover just got back from the groomer. Given that extra spring in his step, you can tell he feels great. Everyone in the household raves...

dog grooming tips

4 grooming tips your dog groomer wishes you knew

A shiny coat is the trademark of a healthy dog. But if his coat is not kept groomed, even a dog who has received a nod of good health from...