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dill for dogs

Dill for your dog

When I was growing up, we regularly snipped dill from the summer garden as a perfect complement to boiled new potatoes, or thinly sliced...


Health benefits of mushrooms for dogs

Our kitchen cupboard at home always contained at least one can of button mushrooms. My mom made thick tomato sauce with meatballs, and it...

recipes for active dogs

Recipes for your active dog

Does your active dog need a little boost? Make these quick and easy canine treats for your pooch after a long walk, or offer them as snacks...

food for dog's dental health

Foods for your dog’s dental health

Maggie was just shy of her 13th birthday when she walked into our home and straight into our hearts. She was a much loved dog, but her...

travel snacks for dogs

Dog-friendly travel snacks

Need some dog-friendly travel snacks to take with you on your adventures? He’ll love these healthy recipes. Back in the early 1980s,...

spices for your dog

Adding spices to your dog’s diet

Cinnamon, ginger, cloves…Aside from adding flavor to food, many spices also offer a lot of nutritional value. And you can share those...

dogs and cats with kidney problems

Feeding cats and dogs with kidney problems

Tyrone was king of house and neighborhood. One day, the Persian-tabby cross thought it would be cool to jump from the balcony railing to a...

vitamin B for dogs

Vitamin B recipes for your dog

Vitamin B is found in many foods, including: Alfalfa Asparagus Bananas Beans, e.g., kidney beans Cantaloupe Carrots Dairy products, e.g.,...

peanut butter truffles

Peanut butter truffles

These delicious peanut butter truffles are perfect for any pup who loves treats! Looking for a yummy treat to make for your canine...

homemade training treats recipe

Homemade dog training treats

Using treats to reward your dog during training sessions is a great way to positively reinforce good behaviour – and make sessions more...