Peanut butter truffles

peanut butter truffles

These delicious peanut butter truffles are perfect for any pup who loves treats!

Looking for a yummy treat to make for your canine companion? These peanut butter truffles are easy, delicious and healthy!


1 cup peanut butter (with no added salt or sugar)
You can also use other nut or seed butters
1 cup oatmeal
½ cup carob powder
½ cup goat milk
Oatmeal for rolling
Unsweetened coconut for rolling


1. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Combine peanut butter, oatmeal and carob powder.

2. Form into small balls.

3. Lightly dip in goat milk and roll in oatmeal or coconut, and place on cookie sheet.

4. Place in refrigerator until serving. For extra flair, top each truffle with a sun dried cranberry.

5. Freeze in Ziploc bags if desired!

A note about peanut butter: Always choose peanut butter that contains no added salt or sugar. It contains 13% carbohydrates, 72% fats, and 15% protein. Do not use peanut butter if someone in your home has an allergy to it. Instead try almond butter, hempseed butter or tahini, a seed butter made from sesame seeds

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