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canine massage

How to massage your dog

Who doesn’t love a great massage? After all, massage benefits us physically and psychologically. The same is true for our dogs. Through...

9-step health check

9-step health check

Monitor your dog’s well-being by adding a quick and simple health check to his grooming routine. Regular veterinary exams are vital to...


Top 10 foods for skin & coat

Keep your dog’s skin and coat looking and feeling good with these power-packed whole foods. It’s okay to add a little variety to...

skin issues in dogs

Supplements for animal skin problems

For a lot of dogs and cats, summer means an increase in skin problems and allergies. Others suffer from these issues all year round, thanks...

yeast or allergies in dogs

Allergies or yeast infection?

Shenanigan was a young Yorkshire terrier, five pounds of gorgeous silky hair. Then she had an “allergic” reaction, probably caused by a...

treating hot spots in dogs

Treating hot spots in dogs

Many dog lovers will tell you how annoying hot spots can be. These skin irritations start with some innocent licking or scratching, but if...