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boost your dog's diet with these supplements

Boost her diet with these supplements!

Just like us, dogs benefit from additional supplements in their diet to ensure optimal health. Thankfully, you can now find pet-formulated...

canine joints

Help for aching joints

Diet, supplements, and other therapies work together to reduce the pain and inflammation of aching joints. Like people, dogs often develop...

food allergy

Food allergy or sensitivity?

Does your dog have a “sensitive” stomach? Does she react badly to certain foods? Is she itchy year round? Do you think she might have a...

spices for your dog

Adding spices to your dog’s diet

Cinnamon, ginger, cloves…Aside from adding flavor to food, many spices also offer a lot of nutritional value. And you can share those...

skin issues in dogs

Supplements for animal skin problems

For a lot of dogs and cats, summer means an increase in skin problems and allergies. Others suffer from these issues all year round, thanks...

supplements for aging dogs

A supplement to slow the effects of aging

As we age, our brains often don’t function as well as they did when we were younger. The same is true of dogs. While aging is normal,...

supplements for dog's with arthritis

Natural supplements for dogs with arthritis

Many dogs develop arthritis as they age and it can be just as debilitating and painful for them as it is for us. The discomfort and...

multivitamin for dogs

Multivitamins for dogs

Melissa takes a daily multivitamin. Lately, she’s been wondering if her dog should also be taking one. “I try to feed him a good diet,...

supplements for senior dogs

Senior animals & supplements

Along with an optimum diet, adequate exercise and lots of loving attention, the use of appropriate supplements makes it possible for us to...


Supplements for your dog

Whether you feed your animal a raw or home-cooked diet, or a premium canned or dry food, the bottom line is that each animal is as unique...