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yeast infection

Treating your dog’s yeast infection

When I think of yeast infections in dogs, I get a mental picture of an itchy pooch with a red rash or smelly ears. It’s an all too common...

medicinal mushrooms for dogs

Medicinal mushrooms for dogs

Mielle was diagnosed with a bleeding hemiangiosarcoma of the spleen. The 14-year-old standard poodle was weak from blood loss and had not...

TCM for animals

TCM as treatment for your dog

Misha was diagnosed with a flea allergy. His person, Karen, didn’t want him taking drugs, so she turned to an integrative veterinarian...

canine osteoarthritis

Treating canine osteoarthritis in 6 steps

Arthritis is the leading cause of chronic pain in dogs. A multifaceted healing plan that draws on a range of therapies offers the most...

preventing periodontal disease in dogs

Preventing periodontal disease in dogs

Dental problems affect most dogs and can cause serious health issues if left unattended. A wholesome meaty diet along with energetic...