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how to car train your dog

How to car train your dog

As soon as you get ready to leave the house, your dog wants to tag along. Many of your trips together will include a ride in the car, so...

Car safety 101

Most dogs love the car, especially if it means spending extra time with you. Whether it’s a quick trip to the store or a week-long road...


King of the road: a travel checklist for your dog

Planning a trip? An increasing number of accommodations are opening their doors to guests and their dogs – so it’s easier than ever to...


Dos and don’ts of doggie travel etiquette

Do you travel? Chances are, you’re planning to take your furry friend along with you. Whatever your destination, you’ll most likely...

is your vehicle doggy?

Is your vehicle “doggy”?

Even the best canine travellers can emit a “doggy” smell that lingers in your vehicle after you’ve returned home. Here’s how to...

travel snacks for dogs

Dog-friendly travel snacks

Need some dog-friendly travel snacks to take with you on your adventures? He’ll love these healthy recipes. Back in the early 1980s,...

travel destinations for you and your dog

Top 10 travel destinations for you & your dog

Summer’s here and, like millions of others, you’ve got the travel bug. So what happens to Fifi and Fluffy when you start digging out...

dog seat belt

Why your dog needs a seat belt

The number of cats and dogs injured and killed in car crashes each year is in the tens of thousands. If everyone had a seat belt for for...

Does your dog get carsick?

Problems with dog car sickness? If the prospect of a car ride sets your four-footed companion to drooling or incessantly meowing, you may...

travel with pets

Dog travel: planes, trains and automobiles

If you’re like most Canadians, you love to travel. And it’s only natural that you want your four-legged family members tagging along...